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Future Connector: Namgyal Lhagyari

June 25, 2010

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June 24, 2010

Born and raised in India, Namgyal Wangchuk
Trichen Lhagyari is the only direct descendent of
the first Dharma king of Tibet, who was crowned in 617 AD.

As part of the Tibetan royal family, the
17-year-old has spent all his life in exile.

In June 2004, Namgyal was crowned king during a
ceremony presided over by Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

Namgyal has just finished his high-school
education and is about to head for a university in the United States.

However, before he furthered his education,
Namgyal wanted to tell the story of the Tibetan people through their eyes.

As a result he has been working alongside the
BYkids non-profit organization -- which aims to
match the world’s youth with experienced
filmmakers to cover globally relevant issues.

It has led to the production of "My Country
Tibet," a new documentary in which Namgyal, who
conducted his own interviews, speaks with
Tibetans about how they live their lives and
balance their religion with their sense of identity.

Here’s your chance to question Namgyal Lhagyari
and ask his thoughts on modern-day Tibet --
including his relations with the Dalai Lama and
what it’s like being crowned at a young age.

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