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How Chinese Regime Manufactures and Manipulates False News

June 28, 2010

By Huo Niao
Epoch TImes
Jun 26, 2010 Last Updated: Jun 26, 2010

"American Husband Divorces Wife Because of
China’s Shenzhou VII rocket launch," says a June
21 news piece from communist mouthpiece, Xinhua.

The Xinhua "news" piece - a love story with an
abrupt, sad ending -- is of an American who "in
madness" left his Chinese wife when she starting
believing “ridiculous” stories about the
existence of a “Center for Quitting the Chinese
Communist Party in Flushing” and reports of
discrepancies in Shenzhou VII’s launch stories by Xinhua.

A "Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist
Party" does exist in Flushing, New York. And
Xinhua did mess up reporting on the Shenzhou
Launch by releasing a vivid report of the launch
well before the shuttle ever left its launch pad,
according to an Associated Press report.
Scientists had also described the videos of the space walk as engineered.

The article even included a photo of the couple
posed together with their names, the husband,
Inge Hermans, and the wife, Zhang Shanying. Judge
Randall Eng of the New York Supreme Court” passed
judgment on the divorce case on Oct 25, 2009.

Top hits of an internet search for "Inge Hermans’
Chinese wife" are articles on Herman, a female
violinist and a member of Friends of Tibet, and a
2008 interview in which she expresses her view of
the Shen Yun Performing Arts program.

A search of the internet using the article’s
Chinese title hits nearly 70,000 Chinese sites.
Chinese web sites say the story was published by
Xinhua News Agency on June 21, 2010 at 09:50:23.
A google search could verify as the
source of this news article. However, the article
had later been deleted from the website, possibly
when legal concerns were raised by an overseas readership.

To identify the source of the photo in the
article, I conducted an image contrast analysis.
If the photo had not gone through significant
image processing, software is available to search
and find other sources where the same or a
similar image might be posted. With the
assumption that the original is likely to be
available on Chinese web sites and would be of
rather recent publication; a day of work,
tinkering with the software’s input led to the
source of the original article: Miss Hong Kong
1994, Theresa Lee and her American husband.

The massive news duplications mechanisms of
Xinhua, and the state "guidance" given to other
newspapers which require them not to deviate from
the official line on important topics, can take
Xinhua propaganda, unquestioned, to as many as 70,000 sites in a day.

This spread of this article reminds me of a
common phenomenon on these Chinese entertainment
web sites. There is no objective news on Falun
Gong, on Tibet, or other other human rights
violations by the CCP available online for the
mainland Chinese, yet, the CCP engineered slander
spreads quickly and is often placed as top news.

The extent to which the Chinese propaganda
machine takes such slander can be shocking. A
June 2000 article that appeared in English on the
People’ Daily, the regime's official newspaper,
speaks of the “Dalai Lama and his followers”
“butchering Tibetan people, looting temples, and
raping women” and “cutting open” a 9 year boy’s “belly and eating his heart.”

For a reader with free access to information,
such articles may not seem to have the caliber to
serve as a cheap April Fool day’s joke. In China,
however, all media is strictly monitored and the
public is tightly quarantined from free media,
and constantly exposed to indoctrination to the
party line, through a variety of mechanisms,
starting with primary school textbooks.

Such articles are not out of the norm and do have
an impact in ensuring adherence to the party line
through psychological manipulation of the masses.

The 'Great Firewall' of China blocks all websites
likely to counter the party line. Chinese message
boards and social networks are strictly monitored
by China’s internet police. Even Facebook and Twitter are banned in China.
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