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US regrets jail sentence on Tibetan environment activist: report

June 28, 2010

June 26, 2010

Dharamsala, June 26 -- The United States has
expressed its regrets over the sentencing to 15
years imprisonment of a Tibetan environment once
honored by Chinese government as 'Philanthropist
of the year', according to a media report.

US State Department Spokesperson said, "We
certainly regret that action and it is something
that we continue to talk to China about."

The spokesperson was responding to questions
about Karma Samdrup and his two brothers. Karma
is believed to have earned the wrath of Chinese
government due to his attempts to secure his two
brothers’ release. His brothers, Rinchen Samdup
and Chime Namgyal, both environmentalists, had
publicly denounced Chinese officers for poaching
endangered Tibetan species in their native Chamdo.

Karma is the latest victim of what many Tibet
activists and analysts say is China’s recent
stepping up of control against influential
Tibetans like artistes, writers, singers and intellectuals.

Karma Samdup, 42, a prominent Tibetan art
collector and environmentalist was arrested in
January this year and sentenced Thursday to 15
years’ imprisonment on a "grave robbery" charge
which had already been dropped more than a decade ago.

The environmentalist, also known as the "King of
Heavenly Beads" for his large collection of
important Tibetan antiques appeared in court
Tuesday looking "gaunt and shrunken."

He started ‘Three Rivers Environmental Protection
Group’ which campaigned for the conservation of
the source region for the Yangtze, Yellow and
Lancang (Mekong) rivers, winning other awards and
recognition including the Earth prize, an
environmental prize jointly administered by
‘Friends of the Earth, Hong Kong, and the Ford Foundation.
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