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His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Japan 11th Day

June 29, 2010

Tibet House Japan
June 28, 2010

Tokyo -- His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the last
leg of his 11-day visit to Japan met the Tibetans
residing and studying in Japan. His Holiness
advised them to conduct themselves properly
abiding by the law of the land as the
representatives of Tibetan people. He quoted a
Tibetan proverb, "Yulchu thung ne yultrim khyer",
just as you live by the water of the land; you
need to follow its law also. His Holiness said we
have a peaceful culture, overall the reputation
of Tibetan people, wherever they are living, is
very good. We should maintain and live by our
peaceful and compassionate nature.

"As far as our struggle is concerned, it is a
issue of justice. Truth is on our side; we are
seeking genuine autonomy to practice our culture
and religion. This is within the framework of
Chinese constitution, so we should be confident
about our issue. We may not be lagging behind in
inner values, but we are lagging in modern
education, so you all need to study hard to
become an educated modern Tibetan with moral ethics." Advised His Holiness.

Japanese Lawmaker Mr. Makino Seishu and some
eight Japanese parliamentarians visited His
Holiness to greet him and to congratulate him for
his successful tour in Japan.

After completing his 11-days tour successfully in
Japan, His Holiness and the entourages left the country this morning.

The visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama can be
said as very successful, soon after his arrival
in Tokyo, Foreign Correspondents' Club Japan
invited him for a press briefing wherein some 200
Foreign and Japanese media participated. His
Holiness visited three big Japanese temples,
Zenkoji and Saihoji in Nagano, and Sojiji Temple
in Yokohama. His Holiness interacted with school
and university level students on two occasions.
Around ten thousand people attended his Yokohama
teaching and talk. People have come all the way
from Mongolia, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and
China to attend His Holiness teachings and talks
in Japan. Everywhere, His Holiness was received
warmly and people took keen interest in his teachings and talks.

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