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Football on the Roof of the World

July 2, 2010

Claude Arpi
June 29, 2010

As my column on the World Cup in
continues, my thoughts turns to Tibet.

Why is Tibet not represented in the FIFA?

Why are the following countries represented and
not Tibet? Here is a non-exhaustive list: Solomon
Islands, Comoros, Mauritius, Palestine, Cayman
Islands, Samoa, Seychelles Belize, Turks and
Caicos Islands, Tonga, Brunei Darussalam, Tahiti,
British Virgin Islands, Guam, Bhutan Macau Aruba,
US Virgin Islands, Timor-Leste , Anguilla,
Montserrat, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Andorra or Faroe Island.

One does not know about the existence of half of these 'countries'.

At least everyone is aware where Tibet is
located? And it is not even a question of
territoriality, Tahiti being very much a part of France.

In the 1940's, the Tibetans already loved
football and practiced on the Roof of the World.
I don't know from where they were getting their
jabulanis; probably from India as China had not
become the manufacturing hub it is today.

The Tibetans would play friendly matches against
the staff of the British and other foreign missions in Lhasa.

Training at 12,000 feet must have been a tough proposal for the forengis.

Claude Arpi captures the fan's passion for
football in an ongoing e-mail exchange with Ivan
Crasto,'s Sports Editor.

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