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China launches English-language TV news

July 5, 2010

Guardian/AP (UK)
July 1, 2010

China's official national news agency, Xinhua,
launched its global, English-language television news network today.

It is seen as part of the government's effort to
expand its foreign influence and it also results
from official unhappiness with much of the
international coverage of sensitive events in
China, such as Tibet and human rights.

China Xinhua News Network Corp (CNC) began
broadcasting its English TV service, CNC World,
around the clock, including news segments,
feature stories, weather updates and special
bulletins in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa.

The network's president, Li Congjun, said: "CNC
will present an international vision with a China
perspective. It will broadcast news reports in a
timely way and objectively and be a new source of
information for global audiences."

CNC World will be broadcast internationally by
satellite, cable, cell phone and the internet,
and its US service will be available on cable networks beginning on 1 October.

Despite China's rapid economic growth and rising
global influence, there has not been a freeing of
the media in the country. China has retained its
authoritarian one-party political system with
strict limits on freedom of speech and civil and political life.
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