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PRESS ADVISORY "Songs in Praise": A Special Tribute to Tibet's Nobel Peace Laureate

July 5, 2010

London to host a Multi-Cultural Concert, Tibet
Festival in the Park and Tibetan Film Festival in
honour of His Holiness the Dalai Lama?s 75th birthday.
London Tibetan Productions (UK)
July 1. 2010

London -- Musicians and artists from Asia and
Europe are taking part in a series of musical and
cultural events in London to pay their tribute to
His Holiness the Dalai Lama in celebration of his 75th birthday on 6th July.

On this momentous occasion to celebrate the life
of His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet and his
contribution to the world through promotion of
peace, non-violence, compassion and universal
responsibility, LondonNey, a non profit Tibetan
Production group, is hosting a multi-cultural
concert Don-Ngae-Toe-Yang, ?Songs in Praise? at
The Mountbatten Auditorium in central London.

Don-Ngae-Toe-Yang aims to create a platform not
only for Tibetans but for people of different
languages and cultures who share the same
interests as Tibetan Buddhists. His Holiness the
Dalai Lama is not only the leader of the Tibetan
people but is revered throughout the world as an
inspiration to people of all cultural backgrounds
and ethnicities. As such, LondonNey has made a
special effort to reach out to non-Tibetan
artists, who are paying musical tributes to the
Dalai Lama on this very special occasion along with Tibetan artists.

The concert provides a unique opportunity for a
live audience to enjoy vocalists, lyricists,
composers and musicians from five different
countries including Britain, India, Mongolia,
Nepal and Tibet. The evening also marks the
official release of a special tribute album
?Songs in Praise? consisting of songs and music
of different cultures celebrating the Nobel Laureate?s achievements.

In the spirit of compassion, all proceeds from
this project will go towards the Yushu Earthquake victims.

On 3rd July, the Tibetan Commemorative Committee
are organising a day-long cultural event to
celebrate this landmark birthday with an outdoors
festival. The Tibet Festival in the Park will be
held in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, on
the grounds of London?s famous landmark ? the
Imperial War Museum. The site is also home to the
first Tibetan monument in the British capital,
Samten Kyil, the Tibetan Peace Garden,
commissioned by Tibet Foundation and officially
opened by His Holiness the Dalai Lama on 13th May 1999.

Tibetan cultural events continue throughout the
summer including the Tibetan Film Festival 2010, now in its third year.

For background / further information contact:
Karma Chura-Tsang: +44 7725 501 995
Dalha Tsering: +44 7944 871 799

1. Multi-Cultural Tribute Concert: Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Time: 7pm to 9:30pm
Venue: The Mountbatten Auditorium, 4a Castletown Road, West Kensington,
London W14 9HE

2. Tibet Festival in the Park : 3rd July 2010

3. Tibetan Film Festival
CTC National Office 1425 René-Lévesque Blvd West, 3rd Floor, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H3G 1T7
T: (514) 487-0665
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