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India mulls new strike force along Tibet border

July 6, 2010

Tibetan Review
July 3, 2010

In addition to two mountain divisions it is
presently raising for deployment along its border
with Chinese occupied Tibet, India is considering
setting up a Mountain Strike Corps and two
Independent Brigades there, reported the Times of
India online Jul 2. If approved by the government
over the coming weeks, it will be the
largest-ever upgrade of military capabilities
along the border region as India tries to catch
up with a militarily advanced China.

The report said the proposed corps would be
India's fourth strike corps and the only one
dedicated for offensive operations in mountainous
terrain. It added that units of the strike corps,
to be based somewhere in the northeast, would be
capable of operating like rapid reaction forces.

Once approved, there will be a massive upgrade in
India's military capabilities, leading to a huge
step-up of Army presence along the border.

The entire effort has been described as
"defensive in nature", designed only to catch up
with China in military capabilities.

The proposal is said to include the raising of an
independent brigade in Ladakh, and another brigade in Uttarakhand.

Sources within India’s security establishment
have for long been worried about the country’s
military weaknesses before China's intimidating
military modernisation. The report said that
coupled with a weak infrastructure, India's
situation has been worrying to security experts.
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