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New Zealand MP told to keep China's propaganda on Tibet to himself

July 9, 2010

Tibetan Review
July 8, 2010

Raymond Huo, an ethnic Chinese Labour MP in New
Zealand, has been pulled up by his party leader
for posting on the party blog site a comment
regurgitating the Chinese propaganda on Tibet
while criticizing Green party MP co-leader Dr
Russel Norman for his protest against visiting
Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping. Party leader
Phil Goff told Huo his blog postings should be in
line with party policy, reported Radio New Zealand Online Jul 6.

Labour supports a one-China policy, but says it
encourages the Chinese government to maximise the
spiritual and cultural identity of the Tibetan people.

Huo had written that while the Dalai Lama's
followers see him as a saint, others see him as a
leader who supported a system of slavery in
Tibet, which the Chinese authorities put an end to in the 1950s.

Dr Norman had staged a protest with display of
Tibetan national flag as the Chinese
vice-president’s delegation arrived at New
Zealand’s parliament on Jun 18. After failing to
shield it with umbrella, a security official with
Mr Xi wrested the flag away from him, resulting in a major controversy.
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