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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

UN cleanup long overdue - Taiwan's exclusion a disgrace

September 16, 2007

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper should take the bold step of putting some decency and determination into our nation's foreign policy by spearheading a cleanup of the UN.

Harper should start by immediately having Canada recognize Taiwan -- the Republic of China -- once again as a legitimate independent nation, and then follow that up by campaigning for it to be re-admitted to the world body from which it was disgracefully ousted in 1971.

Yes, Stephen, that's what I've been telling my friends --many of them very influential -- in this energetic democracy of 24-million people.

The UN is hypocritical, dysfunctional and, as the oil-for-food scandal involving Iraq and a 1,001 other instances showed, corrupt.

Founded in 1945 on principles of democracy, it is now controlled by a bunch of despotic dictatorships in the Mideast, Africa and Asia.

The largest of these and one of the most ruthless, is Communist China.

Its two main goals as stated in the UN founding charter were to promote peace and drive for human rights everywhere. Tell that to those in the Mideast, Africa and Communist China, who six decades later still have no rights.

Nations which blatantly deny billions of people their rights sit as the majority in the UN and mock its every principle.

Paradoxically, a nation that does respect human rights -- has free elections, a free news media and a western-style legal system -- yet is denied membership, is Taiwan.

One of the five founding nations of the UN, Taiwan was booted out to make way for Red China, then slowly stripped by all but a handful of nations of diplomatic recognition.


Because the Butchers of Beijing bullied other nations to turn their backs on Taiwan, which refused to capitulate to Mao Zedong's Communist hordes during the civil war in 1949. Taiwan's government can still trace its legitimacy back to 1912 when a widespread movement deposed the warlords that had governed the vast nation and united the country.

Since 1949, the Communist clique in Beijing has never sought legitimacy through an election, while Taiwan has some 100 registered political parties of many shades. Practising a religion -- any religion -- can land you in a labour camp in Mainland China, while in Taiwan religious creeds flourish.

Taiwan, the 17th largest economy and the 14th largest trading nation in the world, plays by all the rules.

Communist China ignores copyright laws and patents and keeps its currency artificially low to dump its products on world markets. In doing so, it steals millions of jobs from the U.S., European Union and Canada as gullible consumers soak up shoddily made goods.

Stephen, my friend, does it make sense we punish a nation that does all the right things, while rewarding a nation that scorns all the principles in which we supposedly believe?

Beijing claims Taiwan is simply a "renegade" province of the mainland in much the same way as it claimed Tibet was part of its territory.

When Communist China invaded Tibet and enslaved it, the UN did nothing. Not a whisper. Shameful.

It actually followed what its predecessor, the League of Nations did when Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler claimed part of Czechoslovakia belonged to Germany.

It gave a slice of that country to Berlin without even asking the Czech people what they thought about the issue.

We now are seeing a replay of this odious cowardice.

Every year, Beijing further erodes Taiwan's relations with the rest of the world, hoping one day it will fall into the abyss it has prepared for it.

So, Stephen, if you want to make a mark on world history -- really want our country to stand for dignity on the world stage -- why not stand up against Beijing and lead the way lead towards a total reform of the UN?

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