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Editorial: Is India itching for a fight?

July 12, 2010

The Daily Mail (Pakistan)
July 8, 2010

RECENT Indian actions indicate that its hawks are
prevailing on the doves and are itching to have a
go at both Pakistan and China. Former Indian
Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor’s
statements of India developing a strategy for a
two front war involving both China and Pakistan
were dismissed as a madman’s ravings. However,
fresh developments indicate a method in the
madness. India’s indiscriminate and unprovoked
firing across Pakistani villages in the border
area wounding scores and killing at least one
soldier, its belligerent statements and discrete
leaks to the media reveal war preparedness. The
Daily Mail finds Nitin Gokhale’s July 6th Op-Ed,
‘India Readies for China Fight’ highly
provocative as well as informative regarding
Indian aspirations to become a bully of the
block. The Indian analyst reveals that in May
2009 it had formulated a strategy to avenge the
1962 drubbing it received at the hands of China
as well as take down Pakistan in one stroke.
Nitin’s exposé may be either to browbeat China
and Pakistan simultaneously or announce to its
new found ally USA that India is now ready to
become the policeman of the region and counter
China and subdue Pakistan. Nitin indicates that
just days before India’s general election results
were announced; the country’s highest policy
making body for security matters was convened by
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Its mandate: Find
ways of enabling India’s military to take on an
increasingly powerful China and tackle Pakistan.
He lets on that at the end of a marathon meeting,
the Indian Cabinet Committee on Security
initiated a comprehensive, well-funded plan to
bolster India’s land, air and naval forces to
counter China’s rising military prowess. The
Daily Mail finds that since the CCS plan was
launched, there have been significant and
wide-ranging signs that Indian hawks have
dominated through various hostile measures like
the establishment of a new division of troops
aimed exclusively at the Chinese border region.
India is now mid-way through raising two mountain
divisions for the north-eastern border area with
China, with the two divisions penciled in to be
ready for deployment by the middle of next year.
The Daily Mail would like to remind its readers
that the location India has chosen to insert its
new inductions is the Arunachal Pradesh, where
its troops received a bloody nose in 1962. The
two divisions, consisting of about 20,000
well-armed troops, will include a squadron of
India’s armoured spearhead—Soviet-built T-90
tanks and a regiment of artillery. They will be
backed by enhanced command, control,
communications and intelligence (C4I)
capabilities aimed at covering the Tibet region.

The Daily Mail’s investigative team has dug up
details for beefing up the Indian Air Force by
constructing additional air bases along the
Pakistan border as well as in the Arunachal
Pradesh region. India has also launched a highly
ambitious induction plan for the IAF which
includes fifth generation fighters, and force
multipliers like additional AWACs and air-to-air
refuellers. Indian Navy, not to be left behind,
according to India’s naval leadership has been
working to break free of its traditional
‘continental construct’ mindset and start looking
at the bigger picture, taking into account the
full gamut of geo-strategic and geo-political
realities. The Indian Navy is working to build
and acquire new, varied and potent platforms
including an aircraft carrier, nuclear
submarines, stealth frigates and long-range
maritime reconnaissance planes. By 2014, it hopes
to have 160 ships in its fleet, up from its
current strength of 136. But the most surprising
revelation to many analysts was India’s public
admission that it was inducting a Russian
Akula-class Type 971 nuclear submarine into its
forces, in addition to an indigenously designed
and built submarine, earlier called the advanced
technology vessel but now officially named the
INS Arihant (The Destroyer).The Daily Mail
considers it to be in actuality a cover up for
the Indian macabre plans for enforcing a blockade
both on China and Pakistan. Indian ambitions rest
on attempting to strangle its traditional foes
China and Pakistan economically and subjugate
them into surrender or accepting Indian
supremacy. The Daily Mail would like to remind
India that it is living in a fool’s paradise.
Neither China nor Pakistan desire war in the
region but are fully prepared to defend
themselves against the evil designs of any aggressors.

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