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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

The Sixth person

July 12, 2010
July 7, 2010

Tashi Dhogyal [should be Topgyal]'s younger
sister called for me, tears on her face. She'd
received a call at dawn from her younger brother
in Lhasa, saying that their elder brother Tashi
Dhogyal, the simple and honest
Tibetan-language  teacher, had been taken away
the previous night by several dozen police. Where  is he now?

No one knows. Is there a certificate of arrest? As per usual, no.

I was amazed as well as scared. The sixth person,
Tashi Dhogyal has the same  father but different
mother as his younger brother Rinchen
Dhogyal  [should be Dorje], who was  doing his
utmost to find the whereabouts of Rinchen
Dhogyal, but now even his whereabouts are not
known. Is there no end to the trickle down of this fear?

His younger brother said Tashi Dhogyal was taken
away last night  (July 5, 2010), that many people
came, and that they searched under his bed for
something. His wife immediately said that
whatever it was didn't  belong to the family, and
that they had put it there to frame the family.
Ten or more people continued searching the family
home, and the family stood by helplessly as
everything was turned over, but Tashi Dhogyal was
still  taken away even though nothing else was
found. Where was he taken? And for what reason?
What is he facing? Is he too going to be tortured
into confessing to fabricated charges?

As a woman in this family, I don't want to be a
cancer of menace and terror when I face all the
old folks and children in the family -- what will
it bring us, what story is this going to give to the world.

Our daughter said: It's my birthday soon Mum, and
Dad said this year that he'd be sure to go with
me to buy a present, so make sure he comes back.

Okay, let us say to the world, let your father and uncles come back soon.

Note: Tashi Duojia [Topgyal]: The only young man
in Zirong Village to  have received an education
and become a teacher, very honest and sincere,
and who put enormous efforts into improving the
local education environment. Please Buddha and the world, help us find him!

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