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2010 March for Tibet’s -- Rangzen walk reaches Chinesse embassy

July 16, 2010

July 14, 2010

2010 March for Tibet’s Independence Arrives at
China’s Embassy Derwood, MD - The last day of the
2010 March for Tibet’s Independence was filled
with lots of energy, and anticipation to arrive at China’s Embassy.

Four Tibetans from Philadelphia including Kasur
Shawo Lobsang Dhargyal were present to begin the
final 3.5 miles to the Embassy. It should be
stressed that Kasur Shawo walked with an
"Independence for Tibet" sign. This was the third
distinct time that Kasur Shawo joined the walk.
Two westerners also joined the start of this
day’s walk, as did 1 Tibetan from Maryland. It
was misty, extremely humid, and raining some
during our 1.5-hour walk to the Embassy.

After 9 days of walking, we reached 1 block from
the Embassy 15 minutes early! At this point, we
staged our final steps and arrived at the Embassy
at exactly 11am, our scheduled time. Immediately
on arrival we began to spontaneously chant
slogans. Two journalists were waiting for us.
Soon after our arrival, we were joined by 7
Tibetans from Charlottesville, and a couple of
Tibetans from the Washington, DC area.

In total, there were about 30 people in
attendance for this demonstration. When the
formal part of the program began, the sun shined
through the clouds and the mist disappeared. The
event started with an introduction by the
President of the International Tibet Independence
Movement (ITIM), prayers, an introduction of the
walkers, and speeches by the Vice
President-Capitol Area Regional Tibetan Youth
Congress, Vice President-Tibetan Association of
Charlottesville, President-ITIM, Kasur Shawo
Lobsang Dhargyal, Wangchuk Dorje, Jigme Norbu,
Tashi Zopa, and a riveting poem by Brent Werner.

Following this, Larry Gerstein attempted to
deliver a letter of demands to China’s Ambassador
to the U.S. (Ambassador Zhang Yesui) through the
U.S. State Department Police who were present.

The Officer inquired in the Embassy if this would
be possible and was told no. Imagine, China is
even afraid of accepting a letter! This letter
will be mailed to the Ambassador.

This letter stated, in part,

"... We ask that you communicate to your superiors the following demands:

1.Immediately release all Tibetan political
prisoners including Gendhun Choekyi Nyima, The
Panchen Lama, and Tenzin Delek Rinpoche.

2.Immediately begin the process of returning
Tibet to the Tibetans and withdrawing PLC troops
and PRC government officials from Tibet.

3.Immediately repeal Order Number 5 passed on July 13, 2007.

On behalf of the core walkers of this year’s
"March for Tibet’s Independence" and those in
attendance here today, I wish to stress that we
will continue to pursue our mission until Tibet
is independent once again. Nothing will stop us from achieving our just goal."

The event ended with a long life prayer for His
Holiness The Dalai Lama, and the singing of a
Tibetan fight song and the Tibet National Anthem.
During the demonstration, reporters were on hand
from Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.

According to Larry Gerstein (President-ITIM), "It
should be noted that China's new very expensive
Embassy looks like an army fortress. While it
appears to be a highly secure compound on the
outside, we all know that it was built on lies,
deception, human rights abuses, and horrific acts
of violence in Tibet.  Therefore, its essence is
fragile and subject to collapse.”

After the demonstration, some of the walkers went
to the viewing of The Sun Behind the Clouds at
the Rayburn Congressional Building on Capitol
Hill. In the evening, we were treated to yet
another great dinner by a local Tibetan family in Maryland. Bhod Rangzen!
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