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Dalai Lama: My Reincarnation Will Appear In Free Country

July 21, 2010

By P. Vijian
Bernama (Malaysia)
July 20, 2010

DHARAMSALA, July 20 (Bernama) -- Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader
Dalai Lama believes his next reincarnation will be in a "free
country", if the Tibetan crisis prolongs without a cordial solution.

"If I die as a refugee and the Tibetan situation remains like this,
then logically, my reincarnation will appear in a free country,
because the very purpose of reincarnation is to carry on the work
which began in my previous life.

"And, there is some contribution, some fulfillment in work started in
the previous life. Then, that is truly reincarnation," he told
Bernama in a recent interview at his exile-base in Dharamsala in
northern India.

He said, if obstacles were created against carrying out the tasks of
the Dalai Lama's previous life, than the "reality is not reincarnation."

The 75-year-old senior monk, named Tenzin Gyatso, now the 14th Dalai
Lama, is recognised as the reincarnation of Tibet's 13th spiritual
leader Thubten Gyatso.

The Nobel Peace laureate said, despite insurmountable odds, largely
the political pressure from the Chinese Government for a free Tibet,
he would continue his campaign for the thousands of Tibetan people
displaced from their native land for almost five decades.

"My daily prayer is, so long as space remains and so long as the
sufferings of sentient beings are there, I will remain in order to
serve, that is my most effective inspiration," he said.

Asked whether a female could possibly head the male-dominated Tibetan
Buddhist hierarchy in the future, he said women were always held in
high esteem in Buddhism, without prejudice.

"Female Dalai Lama (is) possible because in Tibet tradition, among
the high women, reincarnation is there, I think there is the
700-800-year-old Dorjee Phagmo institution which is for female, there is no religious connotation that religious
leader must be male.

"If circumstances are such that female reincarnation is more
effective to people, then, logically it should be female," he said.

Queried if he would one day take the form of a woman reincarnation,
he replied: "I personally don't know."

The Tibetan movement in exile is seeking genuine autonomy from
Beijing, with the Dalai Lama pushing the "middle way approach" -- a
moderate agenda for a peaceful co-existence with China -- so, ancient
Tibetan language, culture and Buddhism remain in tact.
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