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ENVISION to hold 1st Global Tibetan Professionals Summit

July 23, 2010

By Chime Tenzing
July 21, 2010

Dharamsala, July 20 -- Empowering the Vision
Project(ENVISION)headquartered in New Delhi will
organize its first ever Global Tibetan
Professionals Summit (GTP Summit) from Sept 6-8,
2010 at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives
(LTWA) auditorium here. The Summit aims to bring
together Tibetans worldwide representing diverse
professional fields and provide a platform for
Tibetan professionals to meet,interact and work
together on a common ground to widen the scope of
their contribution for the common good of the Tibetan community.

The key objective of the Summit, say the
organizers, is to come up with an action plan
whereby the professionals in Tibetan Diaspora are
able to make personal commitments to use their
knowledge, expertise and energies to serve the Tibetan exile community.

The Summit will be attended by prominent speakers
like Dr. Y.S. Rajan - scientist, organization
builder, diplomat, academic and a writer, Hon.
Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche -- Prime Minister for the
Tibetan in exile, Dr. Kunchok Tsundue, the Chief
Planning Officer of the Planning Commission,
Central Tibetan Administration and Ven. Karma
Gelek Yuthok, the Secretary of Department of
Education, Central Tibetan Administration.

The Summit would primarily set off through
intense group discussions and deliberations
allowing participants maximum time to engage with
each other across their different geographic regions and areas of work.

During His first meeting with over 40 Tibetan
professionals in New Delhi on Sept 6, 2009, His
Holiness the Dalai Lama said, "If the Tibetan
professionals around the world are able to meet
occasionally, develop good relationship among
each other and represent Tibet and Tibetans
wherever you live, it would be a great way to
serve your community. It is very good to hear
that you are all gathering together next year in a conference”.

Besides, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has always encouraged Tibetans in becoming

professionals and contributing members to the
community. In this year’s March 10 statement, His
Holiness said "..Above all, as many young
Tibetans as possible should strive to become
experts and skilled professionals."

About 80 to 100 professionals, both from abroad
and India, are expected to attend the Summit and
the number is likely to grow.The Summit would see
participants from different categories: Tibetan
Professionals from abroad,Tibetan Professionals
from India and Tibetan Professionals serving the exile Tibetan government.

The organizers aim to create a forum for Tibetan
professionals to network and have direct exchange
of ideas, to provide a forum to strategize on
focus areas of contribution to the community and
to provide a basis for future cooperation and exchange among the participants.

Empowering the Vision Project (ENVISION) in close
cooperation with the Bureau of His Holiness the
Dalai Lama, New Delhi launched the Global Tibetan
Professionals Network (GTPN) in November 2008.
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