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Families still searching for their relatives arrested in 2008 Tibet protest

July 25, 2010

Central TIbetan Administraion (CTA)
July 23, 2010

20-year-old Kunga shot dead by Chinese security
forces on 24 March 2008 in Karze in Tibet's Kham Province
Dharamshala: The Central Tibetan Administration
received reports of the events that followed the
peaceful protest led by monks of Sera monastery
near Tibet's capital Lhasa on 11 March 2008 and
the subsequent brutal clampdown by the Chinese government.

When a group of Tibetan monks led a peaceful
demonstration in Lhasa on 10 March, the monks of
Sera monastery joined them despite repressive
measures imposed by monastic committee and
special armed police. As a mark of solidarity,
the residents of Tibetan community located near
the monastery also joined the protest on hearing
reports of severe beating of the monks by the police.

Twenty-year-old Gyaltsen and a group of Tibetan
youths were arrested and tortured by police on 11 March 2008.

Now after more than two years, their whereabouts still remain unknown.

The family members could not find Gyaltsen, a
native of Phusum town in Nyemo County, who was
working as a tailor in Lhasa when he was arrested
for taking part in the protest.

Similarly, on 11 March 2008 many more Tibetans
were beaten and arrested during a raid conducted
by a large contingent of public security bureau,
special armed police in over 100 homes under the
pretext of their role in 10 March protest. Some
of the Tibetans were severely beaten during the
time of their arrest. One of them was later
released, but the fate of others remain unknown
despite search efforts by their family members.

The names of those arrested are: Tenzin, Tasang,
Khyikyag, Wangdue, Phurbu, Namsey, Migmar, Pema;
Kelsang, Tenzin, Dawa Tsering, Lhagwang Wangdue,
Pasang, Khando, Norbu, Pasang Tsering, Pasang,
Dorjee Tsering, Namgang,  Nyima Tsering, Tashi
Dorjee, Phurbu Ngodup, Lhakpa, Penpa, Dachoe, Phurbu and Tsering Lasang.

Meanwhile, a photo of late 20-year-old Kunga with
gun-shot wounds made its way to the outside,
which substantiates the human rights abuse and repression prevailing in Tibet.

Kunga was a monk of Chogri monastery located in
Drakgo County in Karze. He was shot dead by
Chinese security forces when he along with fellow
monks were helping Tibetans wounded during a
peaceful protest in Drakgo county on 24 March 2008.
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