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Tibetan Songstress Destined for Stardom

July 27, 2010

Megan Davis
The Tibet Post International
July 24, 2010

Dhasa -- Tibetan singing sensation Alan Dawa
Dalma will play at the Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard
Hall in Tokyo, Japan, fulfilling a life long
dream of hers. Known simply as Alan in Japan, the
22 year old was born in Dhartsedho county,
eastern Tibet and sings in her native ethnic
Khampa dialectic, as well as Chinese. Since
moving to Tokyo in 2006 following her discovery
by Avex Trax, a Japanese record label, Dalma has
wowed crowds with her powerful voice.

Her shows involve an eclectic mix of Japanese
pop, ballads and traditional songs and she admits
that her biggest fear is mixing up the languages
during performances. International interest is
growing and many expect great things in the
future for the young Tibetan entertainer.

Following the Tibetan tradition, she was bestowed
with her name, which means "a heavenly maiden of
the moon" by a Lama (Buddhist teacher) at birth.

 From Hong Dou (July 4, 2010) Alan Dawa Dolma was
born on July 25th, 1987 and raised in Dardo, a
Tibetan town located in the Sichuan province of
China. (Her family comes from Danba, or Beauty
Valley. That’s just to clear things up since most
people think she’s actually from there.) At a
young age she began to learn how to sing and play
instruments such as the chinese violin, erhu. She
went on to have a colorful path through music as
she graduated from a prestigious music school and
performed in various competitions and events.

In 2006, Avex Trax, a Japanese music company
known for artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Koda
Kumi, held auditions around China and took Alan
under their wing upon discovering her musical
talent. After graduating in 2007, she packed up
and moved to Tokyo where she began her
professional music career under the name "alan."
She debuted in late 2007 and has since released
four Japanese singles, various Chinese tracks,
and two digital singles to gain money for China’s earthquake relief.

I recommend this new singer because she shows a
lot of potential but for now she’s just gradually
climbing to the top. She just needs the big break
that will set off her career. She sort of reminds
me of Ayumi Hamasaki because she has the same
high-pitched voice (well, maybe not that high)
but the reason that I would listen to alan and
not exactly Ayumi is because her voice feels more
mature and developed which I would assume is from
her years of work in music throughout her childhood.

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