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Anti-Tibet activities unacceptable: China

July 29, 2010

Republica  (Nepal)
July 28, 2010

KATHMANDU, July 28 -- China has pressed Nepal to
check anti-Tibet activities in the Nepali
territory, saying such activities have posed
"threat to its sovereignty and territorial integrity."

The northern neighbor has also announced new
financial assistance package to strengthen the
capacity of the Ministry of Home Affairs and
security agencies under the ministry to curb
anti-Tibet political activities in the Nepali soil.

Tibet´s security concern and the fresh financial
help came during the bilateral security meeting
of both the countries held in Kathmandu on
Tuesday, according to Nepali government officials
who participated in the meeting.

"Any activities against Tibet in the name of
religion and human rights are unacceptable as
they have posed threat to sovereignty and
integrity of China," a government official quoted
Chinese officials as saying in the meeting.

China has grown tremendous interest in Nepal in
recent years, especially from 2008 when the
streets of Kathmandu saw anti-China activities
ahead of the Olympics games held in Beijing. The
protests were aimed at drawing world attention to
human rights situation in Tibet and to the cause of Tibetans living in exile.

Such demonstrations have been frequent,
especially around the Chinese embassy and consular office since.

"They also expressed their concern over frequent
protests in front of the embassy and the consular
office," said another official who attended the meeting.

Home Secretary Dr Govind Prasad Kusum led the
Nepali side while Vice Minister for Public
Security Chen Zhimin represented the Chinese side
in the meeting held at China´s behest.

In response to the Chinese side´s concern, the
Nepali side reiterated Nepal´s "one-China policy"
and sought Chinese cooperation to address the
security issues relating to Tibet.

At the meeting, China announced to give US $ 1.47
million (10 million Yuan) every year to the
Ministry of Home Affairs to strengthen security
apparatus to curb anti-Tibet activities, said the
official. The Chinese home ministry will give the
aid, which is not part of the regular assistance
China annually gives Nepal, directly to Nepal´s home ministry.

During the meeting, Chinese delegation leader
Zhimin handed over night vision cameras and other
logistics worth two million Yuan (US$ 295,006) to
Home Secretary Kusum, according to a statement
from the Home Ministry. The help is meant for
strengthening the Nepal Police, Armed Police
Force and National Department of Investigation.

Apart from home ministry officials,
representatives from Nepal Police, Armed Police
Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of
Law and Ministry of Finance participated in the meeting from the Nepali side.

Similarly, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Qui
Guohong and officials from the Chinese Embassy
had joined the 11-member Chinese delegation led by Zhimin in the meeting.
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