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Chinese now prefer Tibetan weddings

July 29, 2010

Times of India/IANS
July 28, 2010

BEIJING -- More and more Chinese people are now
flocking to the Tibetan plateau to tie the knot in traditional Tibetan style.

Jiang from Jiangsu province married Zhao from
Beijing in a Tibetan-style wedding ceremony in the city of Lhasa.

"We met each other in Lhasa four years ago and we
will never forget the experience and the feelings
we shared there," Jiang was quoted as saying by the People's Daily.

The new couple soaked themselves in the happiness
amid blessings - "tashi delek" - presented to them by the holy priests.

Holding a Tibetan-style ceremony in Tibet and
taking wedding photos near the "holy mountains"
and "sacred lakes" have become fashionable among Chinese people.

Jiang said like the lyrics in a Chinese song
"Going back to Lhasa", which speaks of
"snow-capped mountains, grasslands and mysterious
Buddhist temples", a pure environment is more
fitting to accommodate pure love.

Even the theme of an international hike in Tibet
July 25 was "Harmonious union of lovers at the heavenly lake".

Chinese couples from regions beyond Tibet walked
40 km to Tibet's Namtso lake at an altitude of
4,718 metres above sea level to make a promise of love.

Travel agencies in Tibet have also found business
opportunities in the Tibetan-style wedding ceremonies.

They have even launched products related to the
weddings and are organising tours to wedding ceremonies in Tibetan households.

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