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Families still clueless on Tibetans held in March 2008

July 29, 2010

Tibetan Review.
July 26, 2010

More than two years after protests rocked the
Tibetan Plateau, forcing China to cut off the
entire occupied region from the outside world,
families have still no clues on the whereabouts
of their loved ones after they were taken away by
the security forces, said the exile Tibetan
government on its website Jul 22.
Meanwhile, more reports about killings and
torture have been coming to light from the information-blockaded region.

The report cited the case of a 21-year-old tailor
named Gyaltsen who was arrested and tortured with
a group of other Tibetan youths on Mar 11’08. said there is still no information on
the fate or whereabouts of these youths.

Gyaltsen, a native of Phusum town in Nyemo County
of Lhasa City, was working as a tailor in the
city’s municipal district when he was arrested for taking part in the protest. also said that also on Mar 11’08, a
large contingent of police and the paramilitary
People’s Armed Police raided over 100 Tibetan
homes in Lhasa. They severely beat and arrested
many Tibetans for having allegedly taken part in
a Mar 10 protest.  It added that except for one,
who was released, the fate of the remaining
unknown number of detainees remain unknown
despite the efforts of their families to locate them. named some of those disappeared as
Tenzin, Tasang, Khyikyag, Wangdue, Phurbu,
Namsey, Migmar, Pema; Kelsang, Tenzin, Dawa
Tsering, Lhagwang Wangdue, Pasang, Khando, Norbu,
Pasang Tsering, Pasang, Dorjee Tsering,
Namgang,  Nyima Tsering, Tashi Dorjee, Phurbu
Ngodup, Lhakpa, Penpa, Dachoe, Phurbu and Tsering Lasang.

The report did not give further details about
these persons, nor did it say which residential
area(s) in Lhasa they belong to.

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