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China to spend more to teach minority children in Chinese

August 5, 2010

Tibetan Review
August 1, 2010

China said Jul 30 it will make efforts to advance
bilingual teaching, open Chinese language classes
in every school, and popularize the national
common language and writing system under its
national education plan for ethnic minority
groups in the next decade. It claimed that the
minority groups' right to be educated in their
native languages shall also be respected and ensured.

China’s official Xinhua news agency Jul 30 said
that under the plan -- which is a national plan
called the Outline of China's National Plan for
Medium and Long-term Education Reform and
Development (2010-2020) – schools in
minority-inhabited areas shall get more help from
their counterparts in other parts of the country
under a "pairing-assistance" programme.

During a tightly controlled, government-organized
tour of Tibet in Jul’10, a group of China-based
western journalists found that at the Shigatse
Shanghai Experimental School, built with aid from
the Shanghai government in a run-down monastery,
Tibetan language was the only subject being
taught in Tibetan; everything else was in Chinese.

"It would be hard for the students to translate
into Tibetan concepts they have learned about in
Chinese," Reuters Jul 14 quoted the school’s
deputy headmaster Cang Qiong, an ethnic Chinese, as saying.

Xinhua quoted the national plan outline as
saying: "Speeding up educational development for
ethnic minority groups is of far-reaching
importance for promoting socioeconomic
development among the people and in the areas
inhabited by them, and for enhancing unity
between people of different ethnic backgrounds."

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