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Seattle Tibet Fest in Memory of Kyegudo Quake Victims, Say Organisers

August 7, 2010

Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)
August 5, 2010

Dharamshala -- The forthcoming 15th annual Tibet
Festival at Seattle Center from 28 - 29 August
will be dedicated to the victims of earthquake in
Tibet's Kyegudo region, according to Tibetan
Association of Washington which is organising the event.

The two-day cultural fest (scheduled 11 a.m.-6
p.m., in Center House and Fisher Pavilion) will
feature Tibetan traditional and modern songs and
dances, traditional arts, handicrafts and foods,
sand mandala demonstration by Namgyal Monastery
monks, children's activities and expert speakers on Tibet.

The event offers "Narrative Glimpses of Tibet"
exploring the Central Tibetan Administration and
the rights and responsibilities of women in
Tibet, and workshops on community circle dances.

Top singers like Phurbu T Namgyal, Tibetan pop
star based in MN, Tenzin Ngawang, member of
Melong Band based in MN, Minnesota’s Tibetan
Traditional Dance Troupe, Karma Lama of Culture
Brothers based in Alaska and Amalia Rubin will perform at the event.

"Through festival such as Tibet Fest, we are able
to help young Tibetans establish stronger
cultural traditions within their new
communities.  In addition to dialects, they are
able to form traditional dance troupes, play
traditional music, sing Tibetan songs and recite
Tibetan folk tales," Jampa T Jorkhang, president
of Tibetan Association of Washington, said in a message.

"The essence of our culture values harmony and
openness to other cultures.  Therefore, through
Tibet Fest, we strive to achieve and create
better understanding and appreciation of unique
Tibetan culture for our American friends," Jorkhang added.

The event is part of Seattle Center Festál, a
series of 22 world festivals presented at Seattle
Center on weekends throughout 2010, which
highlights the distinct cultures and common
threads of ethnic communities in Seattle through
traditional and contemporary art, music, foods,
youth activities, workshops and more.
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