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Tibet railway transports air combat readiness materials

August 7, 2010

Tibetan Review
August 6, 2010

A train loaded with important combat readiness
materials of the Air Force of the Chinese
People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had got to the
destination safely via the Qinghai-Tibet Railway,
China’s party mouthpiece People’s Daily was cited
as reporting Aug 5, citing PLA Daily Aug 3.

"According to a leader of the Military
Transportation Department of the Logistics
Department of the PLA Air Force, this is the
first time for his Military Transportation
Department to organize combat readiness materials
to be transported to Tibet by railway since the
Qinghai-Tibet Railway opened to traffic,
symbolizing a new improvement of the military
transportation capacity of the PLA Air Force in
combat support," said the report which was blog
posted on the website of Sri Lanka Guardian Aug 5.

The report further said: "To ensure
transportation safety of important combat
readiness materials, the officers and men of the
Military Transportation Department of the PLA Air
Force immediately examine the safety state of the
train each time when the train stops at the
stations along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. They
also persist in summing up experience after
traveling for some distance, so as to adjust and
improve the preplans for the following actions."

The report made it clear that the move was
directed at gaining strategic border advantage
over India. "For a long term, Indian troops have
taken the form of ‘war of attrition’ in the South
Tibet (Arunachal Pradesh) area to counteract the
PLA army stationed there, solely relying on their
geographic edge and advantages in
transportation,” the report was quoted as saying.

"However, with the rapid rise of China’s national
strength as well as its transporting capacities
of important combat readiness materials, could
India still afford the ‘War of Attrition’ with China?" it was reported to ask.

The blog was posted by B Raman, former Additional
cabinet Secretary to the Government of India and
currently the Director of the Institute for
Topical Studies, Chennai, as well as an Associate
of the Chennai Centre for China Studies. He has
said the Chinese had embarked on a policy of
constructing more airports in Tibet capable of
being used by civil and military planes and
strengthening the freight-carrying capacity of the railway line to Tibet.

He has cited an unconfirmed report as saying
China intends to double the Tibet railway line so
that one line could be dedicated to freight traffic.
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