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Best Tibet travel websites

August 9, 2010

by Sangeeta Deogawanka
August 7, 2010

The Trans- Himalayan country Tibet, also coined
'The Roof of the World', is home to various
tribes and a unique spiritual culture, besides
being the seat of an important shrine of Hindu
religion, Mount Kailash. It also waters two major
rivers, the Indus and the Brahmaputra.

Tibet is Tibet Autonomous Region under the
Chinese administration, spanning the tallest
plateau region of the world at about 4000 metres
with most parts remote and still inaccessible.
The main cities here are the capital Lhasa,
Gyantse, Qamdo and Xigatse. The main attractions
here are the Mount Kailash, the Mount Everest
Basecamp, Yarlong River National Park, the
Qomolangma National Natural Reserve and the high
altitude train travel from Beijing to Lhasa across a vast and harsh landscape.

Foreign travel <> is
not permitted in Tibet, as per the regulations of
China Government. Your trip to Tibet has to be
arranged by a travel agency, preferably one
operating in China or Tibet. So the first step
would be to look up some of these Tibet travel
websites that showcase their various tour
attractions, before arriving at any conclusion or
deciding upon your tour operator.

Tibet Travel is the one-stop online portal for
your Tibet travel plans. Specialising in Tibet
package tours, the website is professionally
geared to provide you tours designed to meet your
requirements. It features up-to-date information
on Tibet travel, including tour details, maps,
climate, transport, accommodation and travel tips
to enhance your Tibet travel experience.

It's 'Finding a Trip' options by duration of
travel plan, tour type, season of travel and
events calendar, help you chose the right travel
adventure. The 'Train Packages' section gives a
detailed overview of travel by trains. A
professionally designed travel
services-at-a-glance window, tells you all that
you want to know about travelling to Tibet.
What's more, you can design your Tibet travel
plans custom-made to suit your tastes, budgets and time.

The 'Live Contact' tab on the top right is a
one-up on 'contact me', cutting down on your
travel planning time. The professionally designed
dynamic website of Tibet Travel Group & Private
Tours, the Tibet Travel website, is a
recommendation for all international travellers
with Tibet as their travel destination.

A detailed Trip Advisor section lists all
possible queries with some great travel tips for
the first time traveller to Tibet. The
'Destination Guide' highlights the attractions of
Tibet, with a listing of the must-sees, popular
attractions and off-beat destinations. The
skyscraper window on the right side contains tabs
linking to specific category-wise information on Tibet.

The Travel Tibet Guide
<> is a
comprehensive travel guide website on Tibet, with
visitor information on Tibet, permits, visas and
other travel details. This too offers package
tours and trips in and around Tibet like most other Tibet travel websites.

The tabs on the left side of main page give you
visitor information. At the bottom of the page
you will find links to travel details and
essentials. The main section features the various
tours and packages on offer, from religious and
spiritual encounters to nature expeditions, train
travel, festival tour and home-stays. This
website is a good resource if you are planning
Tibet travel that includes close encounters with nature and family travel.

Tibet Travel Service and Tour Operator is one
site that offers you package tours to Tibet at
competitive rates. With transliteration in
French, Japanese, Sichuan, Yuannan and Qinghai,
this website from a professionally geared travel
agency, offers trips for local sightseeing,
exposure to local Tibetan culture, trekking,
biking and other adventure travel. The windows on
the left highlight the services offered -
conventional trips, 'Featured Group Tours', train
ticketing to Lhasa. A link takes you to the page
containing 'Guest Feedback'. A newsfeed update on
Tibet gives you all the latest information.

The main section lists all the proposed Tibet
Tour Packages for the forthcoming year,
highlighting the different categories, like
Everest Basecamp Trip, Lhasa Overland tour and
Kailash tour, with itinerary and pricing. At the
same time, the tabs on the top of the main page
lead you to information on hotels, flights and
train information, scheduled travel guides and tours.

If you can overlook the less structured grammar,
it is an excellent site for your budget travel
plans to Tibet, especially if you are opting for
package tours or sight-seeing options.

Access Tibet Tour
<> represents a
professional tour operator specialising in tour
service around Lhasa. Licensed by the Chinese
Government to operate in Tibet, it provides
customised local tours or pre-designed Tibet
tours for the ultimate Tibet travel experience.
An official member of the American Society of
Travel Agents, Access Tibet Tours makes plenty of
claims to provide you a dream Tibet tour.
Although travel forums do not support these tall
claims, the website however is an excellent
resource for any first-time traveller to Tibet.
 From weather, Tibetan culture and travel
regulations, it gives you different slants to
Tibetan attractions. Its online travel
consultants and website data are good places to
look up before you make your travel plans, or
select the tour operator who shall handle your Tibet travel itinerary.
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