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Tibet Arts Launches New Collection of High-Quality Healing and Meditational Supplies

August 11, 2010
August 9, 2010

Cambridge, MA, Aug. 9 ( -- Tibet Arts are
proud to present its new and one-of-a-kind,
unique gift items which help the user heal
oneself from within. In today’s world where
everyone is running and working 24*7 to make a
living these new meditational items provide you
with treatments which heal and provide energy to your body and soul.

Among the many new and innovative items Tibet
Arts are distributing deity singing bowls; which
promote healing, compassion, wisdom, learning,
and protection from harm. Tibet Arts also has
many different bracelets that promote these key
factors in healing clients, such as the 3-metal
healing bracelet, whose combination of three
special metals also promote good blood
circulation, the more traditional-style Tibetan
medicine bracelet, and the skull bracelet, which
can remind clients of the value of life.

All of the products Tibet Arts provides are
hand-made by Tibetan artists living in India and
Nepal, with the highest attention to detail,
durability and functionality. The gemstones,
woods and metals are genuine and of the highest
quality. The singing bowls are made from the same
three healing metal combination as the 3-Metal
healing bracelet, and have the same type of
functionality in addition to deity invocation and
mantra multiplication. The skull bracelet is
meticulously carved from yak bone, and finely
finished. The traditional Tibetan medicine
bracelet is made from the finest bodhi seeds,
inlaid perfectly with genuine turquoise and red
coral, which have healing properties of their
own, and are also fitted with the three healing
metal combination. Some words from clients:

"The singing bowls you sent me are fabulous! They
have a wonderful sound quality and tone!"
-Sally, Mindful Hands, Alexandria, Va.

"I Love these singing bowls! For their size they
have the best piercing, healing, and consistent
tone I’ve ever heard from a singing bowl. And
such a plus that they are deity-specific and the
mantras are multiplied as you play the bowl!"
-Jim, Omaha, Neb.

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