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Overseas Chinese authors' works highlight Tibet issue

August 20, 2010

Tibetan Review
August 16, 2010

Three overseas Chinese have published books to
highlight the Tibet issue with aims to ensure a
just solution to it. The books, written by Chen
Po Kong, Li Jiang Lin and Zhu Rui, especially
target the Chinese audience and are written in Chinese.

"Lhasa in 1959: Why the Dalai Lama came into
exile?" written by US-based Ms Li Jiang Lin was
published recently in Hong Kong. It especially
focuses on events in Tibet between 1956 and 1959,
carrying interviews with many exile Tibetans, including the Dalai Lama.

"A Chinese Perspective on Tibet," written by
Canada-based Ms Zhu Rui, dwells on the many
positive aspects of the Dalai Lama’s Middle-Way
Approach for the resolution of the Tibet issue.
The book, published in Taiwan, also deals with
the Dalai Lama’s introduction of democracy in
exile and the successful exile Tibetan efforts to
preserve their culture and heritage.

"Thick and Black in Zhongnanhai," written by
North-America-based Mr Chen Po Kong, deal with
the intricacies of the power struggle within the
Chinese leadership and contains six chapters on
Tibet. The book was published in Hong Kong, with
the first print already sold out and a reprint being underway.

The exile Tibetan government’s Aug 13
said all the three authors are well-informed
about the Tibet issue, with their writings on it
well regarded by many Chinese authors.

The report quoted the three authors as saying,
"Since the struggle of Tibet is a quest for truth
and justice, we will continue to write about the
issue of Tibet based on facts. As writers, we
have a moral responsibility to raise the issue of
Tibet whenever there is opportunity to do so."
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