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Youth group launches campaign website for Lobsang Sangay

August 20, 2010

Phurbu Thinley
August 13, 2010

Dharamsala, Aug. 13 -- A group of young Tibetan
exiles Friday launched a campaign website
dedicated to supporting Dr Lobsang Sangay in his
race for the Tibetan Prime Minister's office.

"Through this website we are endorsing our
support for Dr.Lobsang Sangay la as a candidate
for the 'Kalon Tripa' Elections," the campaigning
group said in a statement posted on the website.

Describing themselves as "an independent and
diverse group of Tibetans comprising of youths,
monks and elder Tibetans" the group said their
collective initiative is part of a larger
campaign to promote political awareness in the Tibetan society.

The website,, was
inaugurated by former Tibetan monk political
prisoner Ven Palden Gyatso at a press conference here this morning.

"In launching this website I endorse my support
for Dr Lobsang Sangay as the right candidate for
the post of Kalon Tripa," Ven Gyatso said.

"My support for him comes irrespective of
religious or regional partisanship or any other
affinities, but purely for his level of knowledge
and expertise, his rich and diverse experiences
and above all his ability and a strong sense of
commitment to work for Tibet's cause," said
80-year old Gyatso, who escaped into India in
1992 after spending 33 years in Chinese prison
for his role in the 1959 Tibetan uprising.

"We all know that it is an expressed wish of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama to have a young,
energetic, educated and dedicated Tibetan as an
elected leader. And I also personally believe
there is a need for some kind of change in our
long-held traditional approach. So Dr Lobsang
Sangay's all-rounded personality gives me the
confidence to support him wholeheartedly," he added.

Lobsang Sangay, a research fellow at the Harvard
Law School, is seen by many Tibetans as a
powerful Kalon Tripa candidate. He is seen
enjoying a huge following in run-up to the
upcoming elections and is currently leading a popular online straw poll.

The website features sections where one can read
his biography, watch his videos, and read his published articles and interviews

All these features, the group says will enable
Tibetan masses to know more about Sangay as a
candidate for Kalon Tripa elections.

While supporting and endorsing Dr Lobsang Sangay
as a candidate, the campaign group says the
website will also serve as a information platform
to enable Tibetan diaspora community to make "informed choice".

The site also has blog space, where public can
submit views and opinions about the elections,
and a separate public message forum where visitors can leave comments.

"This website is also aimed at informing the
general Tibetan Diaspora about the coming 'Kalon
Tripa' elections. Becoming an integral part of an
electoral process starts by endorsing a candidate
of your choice," the group says.

Creating awareness about the Tibetan electoral
process, engaging the youths to participate
actively in it, and sharing essential information
and opinion on related issues are other things
that will feature prominently on the website, the group says.
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