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Dalai Lama says richer China means more confidence to resolve Tibet

August 20, 2010

Tibetan Review
August 16, 2010

The Dalai Lama has complimented China for its
rise as the world's second largest economy,
overtaking Japan, as a "positive" development,
saying it would give the country
"self-confidence" to deal with tricky issues such
as Tibet, said an IANS news service report which
was carried by the Times of India online Aug 14.

"If the country gets more self-confidence, they
can handle domestic problems better. If their
whole situation is a little shaky, they are more
hesitant to handle tricky issues," the Tibetan
leader was quoted as saying in an interview at
his home in Dharamsala. "From that viewpoint the
People's Republic of China getting stronger is
useful. It may be more positive."

However, he has also said that while China might
be more economically advanced than India, it
lacks in fundamental values like freedom,
transparency and rule of law, which are much
required for political growth. He agreed with the
Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh that
“China may be more advanced than India in the
economic field, but it is lacking in other
fundamental values such as the rule of law,
transparency, personal freedom and freedom of the press".

The Dalai Lama has also said that from being a
closed society for 60 years till 1980 China was
now more open, with the result that “a greater
number of the Chinese people are now open-minded,
more liberal-minded." He has illustrated his
point by saying, "in the last two years, we
noticed articles written by Chinese people in the
Chinese language about Tibet, all very much
supportive of our approach, criticising the government policy."

He has said that 30 or 40 years ago, such a thing was unthinkable.

On the question of his reincarnation, the Dalai
Lama has said China would obviously choose a
person of its own, who would not be the real one.
“My reincarnation should logically carry
continuously my uncompleted task -- in case I die
here as a refugee," he has explained.

He has wondered why China was "very much
concerned about a demon's reincarnation,"
referring to its hardline leaders’ description of him as such a person.

He has said more important than his reincarnation
was the spirit of Tibet which he said resided in
the Tibetan culture and people. “As long as there
are Tibetan people there will be Tibetan spirit.
So whether or not I am there, Tibetan spirit will continue."
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