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His Holiness Praises India's Contribution to Peace and Humanity

August 23, 2010

The Tibet Post International
August 22, 2010

Delhi -- India has contributed more than any
other nation towards the well-being of humanity,
Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th
Dalai Lama told hundreds of students at Delhi
University, during three sessions from August 9 to 10.

His Holiness, who was delivering the Professor DS
Kothari Memorial Lecture on Ethics for the New
Millennium, struck an instant chord with the
students with his quick wit, who broke into
laughter as he recounted a series of amusing anecdotes.

According to His Holiness, India's non-alignment
policy during the 1950s and 60s, which emphasised
neutrality, was a manifestation of its historical emphasis on non-violence.

India's contribution to peace and well-being was
much greater than neighbouring states' he said
and, "except for Emergency when there was some
fear," India had functioned well as a democracy,
urging the Indian community to adopt a greater
role in building ahimsa (the avoidance of violence) and addressing conflict.

"We need a new method of human values which can
come through practice," he added.

Asked to speak on Indo-Pakistani relations, His
Holiness stated, "Partition of the two countries
was a great tragedy. Mahatma Gandhi had not
wanted it. Present-day Pakistan would have been
so much more peaceful if there had not been any partition."

The two countries would have to learn to live
together and discussions could help in bringing
this about, he continued, saying, "I believe this day will come."

Emphasising the need for non-violence, His
Holiness stated that it should be practised even
with the lowest forms of life and that a
non-violent cultural heritage is useful in this
regard. Pointing out that one cannot expect
governments and the United Nations to do things
overnight, he added: "Individuals must make the change."

On the question of China's role in Tibet, the
Dalai Lama declined to comment, saying he did not
want to politicise the meeting.
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