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India -- Tibetan leader: "The Dalai Lama tells Buddhists to follow the path of Mother Teresa"

August 24, 2010

Samdhong Rinpoche reveals the importance of the
Blessed of Calcutta for Tibetan Buddhism. "For
us, the Mother is the incarnation of Maha Karuna
(immeasurable compassion). For her, no one was
unreachable. The Dalai Lama had the deepest
admiration and respect for Mother. "
Asia News
August 23, 2010

New Delhi -- Continuing our review of testimonies
on Mother Teresa of Calcutta promoted by
AsiaNews, a few days from the centenary of the
birth of the Blessed. On August 26 the
anniversary of the Missionary of Charity will be celebrated.

Samdhong Rinpoche, 71, has lived in exile in
India since 1959, when he fled from Tibet due to
Chinese government repression. On July 29, 2001,
he was elected prime minister of the Tibetan
government in exile by civilians who had fled
from Tibet. Below his interview with AsiaNews:

Q: How was Mother Teresa viewed by Tibetan Buddhists?

A: She represents love without distinction and
compassion for all humanity. For Tibetan
Buddhism, the Mother is the incarnation of Maha
Karuna (immeasurable compassion). Everyday love
has a reason: we love our family, friends ... But
the love of Mother Teresa is the divine love for
all human beings. And Mother's love was expressed through humble service.

Mother Teresa served the people, she transfigured
the face of suffering humanity through her love
and compassion. For her, no one was unreachable,
she touched the poorest of the poor with her soul
and gave them a reason to live and dignity.

Q: What kind of relationship was there between
Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama?

A: The Dalai Lama admired Mother Teresa and had
the deepest respect for her. After meeting her,
he said she was an example of a compassionate
person. Often he told Buddhist monks and nuns to
follow the example of Mother Teresa and serve the
poorest of the poor in an imitation of her
spirit, her compassion and her dedication.

The Dalai Lama also said that the spirit,
compassion and dedication of Mother Teresa would
continue to lead the human community.
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