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China asked to emulate, not challenge, the US for its rise

August 24, 2010

Tibetan Review
August 23, 2010

Liu Yazhou, a two-star Chinese army general, has
said China's rise depends on adopting America's
system of government rather than challenging its
presence off China's eastern coast, reported Aug 12. Other Chinese officers of
similar rank have rattled their sabres against US
aircraft carriers in the Yellow and South China seas.

"If a system fails to let its citizens breathe
freely and release their creativity to the
maximum extent, and fails to place those who best
represent the system and its people into
leadership positions, it is certain to perish,''
he was reported to have written in the Hong Kong
magazine Phoenix, which was widely available on
news stands and on the internet throughout China.

"The secret of US success is neither Wall Street
nor Silicon Valley, but its long-surviving rule
of law and the system behind it,'' he was quoted as saying.

Exhorting the advantage and value of democracy,
Liu was reported to have written: "'The American
system is said to be 'designed by genius and for
the operation of the stupid.' A bad system makes
a good person behave badly, while a good system
makes a bad person behave well. Democracy is the
most urgent; without it there is no sustainable rise."

General Liu was said to have been recently
promoted from deputy Political Commissar of the
PLA Airforce to Political Commissar of the
National Defence University. His father was a
senior PLA officer and his father-in-law was Li
Xiannian, one of China's "Eight Immortals" and one time president of China.

"A nation that is mindful only of the power of
money is a backward and stupid nation," the
general was reported to have written. ''What we
could believe in is the power of the truth. The
truth is knowledge and knowledge is power."

And he remains confident that China will change
for the better. "In the coming 10 years, a
transformation from power politics to democracy
will inevitably take place." But he has warned
that the way will not at all be easy. So far,
China has reformed all the easy parts and
everything that is left is the most difficult;
there is a landmine at every step."

Many Chinese are said to be concerned that
China's political reforms have been blocked by
powerful military, corporate and princeling
interest groups that benefit from the status quo.

The report said General Liu was famously
outspoken until he stopped publishing his essays
about five years ago. It cited sources close to
General Liu as saying those early published
essays had cost him opportunities for promotion.

The report said that last year, Hong Kong's Open
magazine published a leaked report of one of
General Liu's internal speeches which raised the
taboo topic of how some generals refused to lead
troops into Tiananmen Square in 1989. In the
Phoenix article, he has reportedly said that "a
nationwide riot" was caused by the
incompatibility of China's traditional power structures with reform.
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