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China: Tibet: Tibetan Activist: Beijing fears new riots in Tibet and in monasteries

August 24, 2010

In recent days, the Public Security and the
United Front have held rallies in Lhasa and
Shigatse. Increased controls on pilgrims,
visitors and businesses. Monks subjected to
re-education. Tibetan intellectuals, writers, poets, painters also targeted.
Asia News
August 23, 2010

Dharamsala -- Chinese repression in Tibet is on
the increase because Beijing fears renewed revolt
in the region and its monasteries, such as those
of 2008, that took place months before the
Olympics. Urgen Tenzin, director of the Tibetan
Centre for Human Rights made the claim in the
aftermath of two conferences organized by the
Chinese government in Tibet, on the theme of security.

August 18 and 19 in Lhasa, the Chinese Public
Security held a meeting on maintaining public
order, the fight against the separatist movement,
identifying current challenges to stability in
the Tibetan areas. Days earlier, on August 14 and
15, in Shigatse, the Communist Party United Front
Department held another meeting where all the
abbots of monasteries and monastic institutions were forced to participate.

After the Tibetan protests of March-May 2008,
China has increased control over the region and
its monasteries, reducing freedom of movement
across Tibet. Pilgrims, traders and visitors must
have carry a guarantee of public security, even
to move about for a few days. Those found without the permit, may be arrested.

"These conferences - Urgen Tenzin tells AsiaNews
- are not for the safety of the Tibetan people.
Chinese repression is growing tougher because
Beijing wants to step up its control over the
population and monasteries, in the name of
security. The Chinese government is afraid of
another uprising such as the Tibetan revolt in
March 2008. They are panicking over insecurity. "

"Even the monasteries are under control - he
added -  people subjected to re-education. In
addition, China is targeting Tibetan
intellectuals, poets, writers, painters ...
support for the Tibetan cause is growing and
they, out of desperation, are increasing their
repression of the Tibetan people". (NC)
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