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Police firing kills 3, injures 30 Tibetans in Palyul County

August 26, 2010

Kalsang Rinchen
August 24, 2010

Dharamsala, Aug. 24 -- Three Tibetans have been
killed and 30 others severely wounded after
Chinese security forces opened fire on unarmed
Tibetan petitioners outside a government building
in Palyul County, Sichuan Province, on August 18, sources said.

The incident occurred in Palyul County’s Sharchu
Gyashoed (spelled as pronounced) village whose
leader Tashi Sangpo had written to the local
Chinese authorities to stop expansion of gold
mining activities in the area. Village leader
Tashi Sangpo had expressed his concerns about the
fragile environment of his locality and objected
to China’s gold mining activities in the area.

The local Tibetans have been concerned about the
impacts of the mining on their lives and have
been sternly demanding compensation from the government.

Around 100 Tibetans from the village had camped
outside the government headquarters waiting for a
response from the authorities to their plea. On
the night of August 18, Chinese security forces
tried to make the Tibetans unconscious by
releasing a harmful gas. Tashi Sangpo and a few
other Tibetans got into scuffle with the Chinese
security forces who were seen moving unconscious
Tibetans into a waiting truck. The security
forces reportedly opened fire indiscriminately
killing three Tibetans including two relatives of
Tashi Sangpo, Soeso and Papho in the aftermath of
the scuffle. Around 30 Tibetans have sustained
bullet injuries and several others have been detained.

There is no information on the conditions of
those injured or those detained. Reinforcements
have been called from neighbouring counties as the situation remains tense.
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