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India deliberately teasing China through Dalai Lama

August 27, 2010

Pakistan Daily Mail
August 26, 2010

Islamabad -- DESPITE Beijing lodging a formal protest with New Delhi
regarding the recent meeting between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan
Singh and Dalai Lama, India's External Affairs Minister S M Krishna,
apparently teasing China, declared that the Tibetan spiritual leader
was an 'honoured guest' in India. China recently protested through
diplomatic channels a meeting between Singh and Dalai Lama on August
11. The meeting was the first of its type after the Congress-led
United Progressive Alliance won the parliamentary elections last
year. As per the sources, they had discussions on Tibet and other
international issues. Dalai Lama's representative in Delhi, Tempa
Tsering, said that the Buddhist monk had met Prime Minister just to
thank him for the warm hospitality extended to him by the Indian
Government over the past 50 years. Dalai Lama's meeting with Prime
Minister came a few weeks after Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao called
on the Tibetan leader in Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Neither the
Tibet's self-styled Government-in-Exile based in Dharamshala nor New
Delhi officially disclosed the agenda of discussions between Dalai
Lama and Rao. It may be remembered that Dalai Lama had been given
political asylum much to the chagrin of China. Reportedly, the Dalai
Lama is working towards an independent Tibet, which India tacitly
endorses. In consonance with the Chanakyan principle of "My enemy's
enemy is my friend", India continues to woo the Dalai Lama, so that
it can embarrass China, with whom it has a great rivalry.

The Daily Mail notes that China on Tuesday voiced its opposition to
the recent meeting between the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual
leader, and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, warning New Delhi
not to "disturb" overall ties. China is opposed to foreign political
leaders meeting with the Dalai Lama and has expressed this stance to
the Indian side, according to its foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang
Yu.Indian duplicity in this matter can be gauged from the fact that
the Indian government has many times expressed that it acknowledges
that Tibet is an inseparable part of China and that it will not allow
Tibetans in India to engage in anti-Chinese activities; however,
whenever it gets the opportunity, it breaches its solemn pledge.
China, which considers the Dalai Lama a "splittist" despite his
repeated calls for autonomy rather than independence for Tibet, has
been increasingly vocal in demanding that world leaders refuse to
meet the Buddhist leader. The Indian hilltop town of Dharamshala has
been home to the Tibetan government-in-exile since the Dalai Lama
fled to India more than half a century ago, after China crushed an
insurgency movement led by the Dalai Lama in Tibet. China has in the
past too found the Dalai Lama seeking to stir up tensions between New
Delhi and Beijing. Last year, the Dalai Lama made a visit to a
Buddhist region near India's disputed Himalayan border with Tibet,
infuriating Beijing, which called it an attempt to destabilize
Indo-Chinese ties. In 2008, just prior to the Beijing Olympics, Dalai
Lama travelled to the US and Japan to garner support for his movement
and urge a boycott of the Beijing Olympics. Simultaneously, unrest
had commenced in Tibet. China had lodged protests even then. India,
which received a crushing defeat at the hands of the Chinese troops
in 1962 when its forces had made an incursion in Chinese territory,
has never forgiven China for the humiliation. It looks at China's
meteoric rise in its economy, defence industry and international
status with great jealousy and tries to acquire international support
from the west, citing threat from China. It has managed to convince
the US that it can act as a bulwark to China and playing on
US-Chinese rivalry, India is busy making hay while the sun shines.
India is also jealous of the traditional Sino-Pak ties and bad mouths
the relationship whenever it gets a chance. Hosting Dalai Lama and
using his stay in India is used by successive Indian governments as a
weapon and they spare no chance to use it against China.
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