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WTN Archives: November, 1993

Wednesday, November 3

1. Dalai Lama at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
2. U.S. and China Talks Result in Expansion of Defense Ties
3. Warning of Trade Retaliation

Wednesday, November 3 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Sees Role for Taiwan in Tibet Problem
2. Dalai Lama Unveils His Wax Image at Madame Tussaud's
3. Clinton Supports "Grantee" Status for Radio Free Asia; ICLT Calls for Campaign to Overcome Senate Resistance
4. Media Advisory: Credentials for Upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference
5. Giant Panda Struggles for Survival in Booming China
6. Senior U.S. Banker Says Reforms Benefitting China's Inland Provinces
7. Jiang-Clinton Talks Significant, Says Li
8. High Fashion: Highlands of Tibet Inspiration for Next Fashion Trend
9. Age Sharpens Ginsberg, Icon of America's Beat Generation

Thursday, November 4

1. Chinese Propaganda Theme Park Opens in Florida; "Splendid China" Promotes Idyllic Image of Tibet and Other Cultures; Park Features Reproduction of Potala Palace

Thursday, November 4 (2)

1. Newspaper Reporter Travels Inside Tibet Under Guise as Tourist
2. Nepalese Prime Minister Begins Visit to Tibet
3. Largest Plane Yet Flies to Tibet

Friday, November 5

1. More Reports of Unrest, Arrests in Tibet
2. European Parliament Visits China; MEPs in Beijing for 11th EP-NPC Meeting
3. Chinese Issuing What May Be Deng's Final Book

Saturday, November 6

1. Asia-Pacific Economic Conference Update
2. Letter: Call for Tibet Organizations to Join CanTibNet

Tuesday, November 9

1. Report from Tibet: China's Undercover War on Religious Life
2. Tibet Fair at Oxford University
3. Acrobatic Airshows at Lhasa Airport

Wednesday, November 10

1. China Calls for Struggle Against Ethnic Unrest
2. China to Start Building Centres for Nuclear Waste; First to Be in Gansu
3. Taiwan May Store Nuclear Waste in China, Russia
4. Largest Pro-Tibet Demonstration in North America Among Protests Planned for Jiang Zemin Visit to APEC
5. Day of Prayer and Meditation for Tibet: March 8, 1994

Thursday, November 11

1. Crew Remains, Wreckage of U.S. Warplane Found in Tibet
2. Stock Market Analyst Back from Buddhist Retreat in Tibet Predicting Disastrous Crash

Thursday, November 11 (2)

1. Quote on Tibet from "Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping"
2. Tibetan Lamas "Touched" by "Drastic Speed" of Wealth Creation in Shanxi Village
3. New Rules on Socialist Reportage in Tibet

Friday, November 12

1. Vigil for Gendun Rinchen 10 December
2. Update on Mongolian Pilgrims
3. Event: ICT News Conference on PRC Plan to "Divide and Destroy" Tibetan Independence Movement, November 15

Friday, November 12 (2)

1. Tibet Tourism Director Replaced
2. Photos of U.S. Wreakage in Tibet Presented to the U.S.
3. Satellite Purchased from U.S. Transmitting Tibet Television
4. Tibet Chairman Welcomes Foreign Investment
5. Report on Trade Unions in Tibet
6. Top Chinese Leader Calls for Attention to Religious Work; Tibetan Buddhism Seminar Held in Beijing

Saturday, November 13

1. Candlelight Vigil for Tibet in San Francisco During Jiang Visit
2. Burmese Karen National Union Leader Says Mandalay Could Become "Another Tibet" If Flow of Chinese Immigrants Not Halted

Tuesday, November 16

1. China's Public Relations Strategy on Tibet: Classified Documents from the Beijing Propaganda Conference, Part 2

Wednesday, November 17

1. Police Violence in Southern Tibet

Thursday, November 18

1. Introduction of Amnye Machen Institue
2. APEC Update from Tibetan Rights Campaign, Seattle

Friday, November 19


Friday, November 19 (2)

1. Christopher Calls for Chinese Moves on Tibet
2. China Demands Improved Ties, Lashes Out at Critics of Human Rights Record
3. APEC Update from Seattle
4. Asia Watch Report Says Economic Boom Has Not Eased Repression in Tibet
5. Event: N.Y. Governor Cuomo Presides Over Completion of Peace Mandala
6. Letter: Impressed by CTN News Coverage
7. Letter: Thanks -- Good Work
8. Letter: Another Thank You Letter

Friday, November 19 (3)


Saturday, November 20

1. Nepalese PM Back from Tibet Tour; Reiterates Recognition of TAR as Part of China; Says No Anti-China Activities Will Be Allowed in Nepal

Saturday, November 20 (2)

1. China Doesn't Budge on Rights After Clinton Meeting
2. Clinton Presses Jiang on Human Rights, and to Meet Dalai Lama; Tibetan Protesters Heard
3. Potala Renovation Completed

Saturday, November 20 (3)

1. The Good Tour Guide - A story on Gendun Rinchen

Sunday, November 21

1. Press Release from the International Campaign for Tibet

Tuesday, November 23


Tuesday, November 23 (2)

1. On My Mind - Waiting for China (NY Times Op-Ed)
2. China Stiffs the President (NYTimes Op-Ed)

Tuesday, November 23 (3)

3. Chinese Leader Plays To Audience at Home; Jiang, Who May Succeed Deng, Varies Little From Script
4. The Human Rights Trade-off Wire Service: WP (The Washington Post) Date: Wed, Nov 17, 1993 By MARY McGRORY
5. More Letters

Wednesday, November 24

1. to Protest the Opening of "Splendid China" in Florida
2. Statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Tibet (Corrected copy: typographical error on 7th paragraph the word "marginalizing" from "nationalizing") (originally posted on CTN 93/11/22 16:50 GMT)

Wednesday, November 24 (2)

1. Tibet Trial Based on Torture, says Escaped Monk in London -

Thursday, November 25

1. Asian success demands more than economic changes by (His Holiness) the Dalai Lama
2. APEC Summit Report
3. New Book on Tibet "Ceremonies of the Lhasa Year"
4. A Conference on Tibetan Arts in London

Thursday, November 25 (2)

1. Pomda Man Gets Four Years for Writing Slogans

Friday, November 26

1. List of 200 Political Prisoners
2. Kalachakra Initiation for World Peace in Spain (1994)
3. Tibetan Antelope Term Project and Assistance

Saturday, November 27

1. Tourists Beaten by Security Forces in Tibet
2. Xinhua Looks at Economic Development in Shigatse, Tibet
3. Agricultural Development is Tibet's Only Option as Economic Gap Widens
4. Tibet Daily Approves Enactment of Law to Combat Separatists
5. Report on Crimes in Tibet
6. Qamdo Court Imprisons Tibetan for "Counterrevolutionary Propaganda"

Saturday, November 27 (2)

1. China Protests Mitterrand Talks with Dalai Lama
2. Fourth-ranking Chinese Leader in Nepal; Greater Co-operation, Trade Between Nepal and Tibet Discussed
3. Tibetan Found Guilty of "Counterrevolutionary Propaganda"
4. Giant Panda Gives Birth in China
5. International Textile Workers Want Chinese Toys Boycott

Monday, November 29

1. China Accused of Violating Indigenous Rights; Suppression of Tibetan Culture Cited
2. Chinese Leader Heads for India After Visit to Nepal; Praises Nepal for "Consistent Policy on Tibet"

Tuesday, November 30

1. AIDS Breaks Down Tibet's Last Barrier to the Outside World
2. Tibet Excerpts from APEC Reports
3. Renmin Rinbao Reports on Health Care in Tibet
4. Tibet's Animal Husbandry
5. Grain Now Open to Market Forces in China, But Not in Tibet
6. Letter: Tibet, A Key Indicator

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