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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: December, 1994

Thursday, December 1

1. 1993 Protests in Northern Tibet Confirmed
2. Tibetans Detained after Protests in Sog County, July/Aug 1993
3. Abdelfattah Amor's Two-day Visit to Tibet

Thursday, December 1 (2)

1. Tibetan Youth Stage Demonstration at Chinese Stall

Saturday, December 3

1. Survey: India to be largest market
2. China is not Ready to Join GATT
3. McDonald's Seeks Meeting on Beijing Eviction

Tuesday, December 6

1. Tibet; Chen Kuiyuan in Qamdo Says Prosperity Will Drive Out Religion
2. Tibet Speeds up Anti-Poverty Drive
3. Tibet; Restoration Starts on Potala Pagodas in Tibet
4. Tibet; Sino-Swedish School Opens in Tibet
5. Environment; Qinghai Lake Sealed Off to Protect Carp
6. Butter Sculptures Being Made Again in Potala
7. Yunnan Places Hopes on Tourism Industry

Tuesday, December 6 (2)

1. Chinese authorities confirm protests in Tibet: Tibet Information Network
2. Agro-economy Returns Improve In Tibet
3. Restoration Starts on Potala Pagodas
4. Forest Growth Exceeds Timber Consumption
5. LAND DEVELOPMENT; Experts to control sand-vulnerable highway in Tibet
6. China Police to Tap Into College Grads
7. Northern Tibet Ravaged by Snow Storms
8. Snow Strands Thousands of Tibetan Herdsmen

Tuesday, December 6 (3)

1. Dalai Lama calls for contact between religions
2. World's highest stock exchange in action in China
3. Tibet stock exchange posts record daily turnover

Thursday, December 8

1. Reports of Demonstrations
2. Anti-Dalai Lama Campaign in Full Swing
3. The Anti-Dalai Lama Campaign in Lhasa
4. The Order Recalling Children Studying Outside the Country
5. Pay Increase for Office Workers in Lhasa
6. Human Organs Banditry
7. Death of a Friend

Friday, December 9

1. Peace March to Lhasa

Saturday, December 10

1. TIBET: Life at the top of the world
2. Tibet a losing proposition for China's leaders: HATRED GROWS / Beijing's well-intentioned but ham-fisted - attempt to win hearts and minds mired in bitterness
3. Mixed marriages a mixed blessing for Tibetans - CHINESE RELATIONS / In contrast to Bosnia and Somalia, worsening ethnic tensions haven't trickled down to personal level, but divorce rate is climbing

Sunday, December 11

1. Symposium on Trade vs. Human Rights marks International Human Rights Day
2. Prisoners Tortured for Refusing to Applaud for Chinese Delegation

Sunday, December 11 (2)

1. Commemoration of HR Day: "Tibet from the Inside"

Monday, December 12

1. Thieves in Russia take manuscripts worth $100 million
2. Dalai Lama calls for West to urge reform in China
3. China improves conditions for Tibet officers
5. VOA Tibetan Broadcast Service Tibetan items appearing on the broadcasts (From the VOA Daily Digest)

Tuesday, December 13

1. UN Calls for Release of Tibetans
2. His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche - Ontario Visit January 4 - 9, 1995

Thursday, December 15

1. Taiwan - Cabinet Reshuffle (Reuter)
2. UN Calls for Release of Tibetans
3. Lobsang Yonten is Dead
4. Chinese Doctors Removing Important Human Body Parts
5. Tibetan Benefit Concert in Western Massachusetts

Saturday, December 17

1. 15 Countries Raise Tibet at the UN General Assembly

Saturday, December 17 (2)

1. Chinese use intimidation in trying to conquer Tibet (London Observer)
2. UNESCO Adds 29 Wonders to World Heritage (Reuter)
3. Russian police recover stolen manuscripts (Russia)
4. Religious leaders call for world peace (Reuter)
5. China to double nickel output with Gansu mine
6. China Adopts Goodwill for Global Muscle

Sunday, December 18

1. `Living Buddha' visits Madison - Dave Newbart

Sunday, December 18 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Closes World Buddhist Conference (Reuter)
2. China-Reshaping
3. Alarm as EU Pumps Millions into Tibet
4. Tibetans Fear EU Aid Project will Strengthen China's Grip Brussels puts #5.89m into scheme by coloniser Peking to change traditional farming ways
5. European Aid `Helps Destroy Tibetan Way of Life'
6. U.S. / China

Monday, December 19

1. Controversy over EU Project in Tibet
2. Highlights of Monday's Commission briefing
3. China-Heritage Sites
4. One killed, 14 injured in bomb explosion in China
5. India, China Agree Joint Military Exercises
6. VOA Tibetan Broadcast Service Tibetan items appearing on the broadcast= s (From the VOA Daily Digest)

Monday, December 19 (2)

1. Hunger and Poverty on the Rise in Tibet

Tuesday, December 20

1. China Seen Importing One Million Tonnes Copper in 2010
2. China to Issue Bonds in 1995 for Three Gorges
3. A Report on `Tibet Day' in Madras

Wednesday, December 21

1. News from the Roof: a Recent View of Tibet (ATC)

Thursday, December 22

2. India denies joint exercises with China

Friday, December 23

1. China Jails Dissident Leader
2. Chinese labour activist sentenced to labour camp
3. More than 200,000 Tourists to Tibet Since 1980s

Monday, December 26

1. World's First Frozen Yak Sperm Bank Opens in Tibet
2. Li Peng in Rangoon to Expand China-Burma Ties

Tuesday, December 27

1. Dalai Lama Saddened at Passing of Former Indian President
2. Dalai Lama Joins India to Mourn Former President
3. China to Build Six More Giant-Panda Reserves
4. Chinese Premier Welcomed in Burma

Wednesday, December 28

1. China Lashes Out at Resurgence of Tibet Polyandry
2. China Passes "Eugenics" Law
3. China, Burma Discuss Border, Drugs and Economy

Thursday, December 29

1. VOA Tibetan Broadcast Service Stories
2. Xinhua Declares MFN-Human Rights Top Diplomatic Victory for 1994
3. China Denies Israel Helping it Build Fighters
4. China Executes Man for Selling Giant-Panda Skins

Thursday, December 29 (2)

1. Criminals for Freedom

Friday, December 30

1. Burma, China Sign Trade Agreements
2. Earthquake Rocks Southwest China, Some Damage

Friday, December 30 (2)

1. Communism in the Land of the Gods, Part 4
2. Communism in the Land of the Gods, Part 3

Saturday, December 31

2. U.S. merchandise deficit sets record in 1994 (Reuter)

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