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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: March, 1994

Tuesday, March 1


Wednesday, March 2

1. U.S. Signals Future Flexibility on Permanent MFN for China
2. Christopher to Tell China That Release of a Few Dissidents is Not Enough
3. U.S. Senators Press China to Release Dissidents
4. Army Circular on Recruiting and Promoting Minorities

Wednesday, March 2 (2)

1. The Dalai Lama Pull Out of Frankfurt Celebration
2. Protesters to Demonstrate at Splendid China on 35th Anniversary of China's Bombing of Potala Palace

Thursday, March 3

1. CTN - ICT Press Release: New Photos Reveal Massive Military Occupation and Prison Build-Up in Tibet: Photos to Appear in Nationwide TV Campaign

Thursday, March 3 (2)

1. United States Breaks Promises on Tibet Rights

Friday, March 4

1. All CTN Subscribers - PLEASE RESPOND

Sunday, March 6

1. Report on Purported U.S.-Tibetan Study Sparks Controversy
2. Library Hostage Taking Follows Dismantling of Sand Mandala
3. China Opens Up Prison Holding Dissident Liu Gang
4. China's Hard-Nosed Rights Stance Working Against Trade Status
5. China Believed Set to Drop Counterrevolution Law
6. Preferential Policies for Education of Ethnic Minorities in Qinghai
7. Roundup on Tibet's Private Sector Economy

Sunday, March 6 (2)

1. Nepali Soldiers 'Beat Up' Tibetan Refugee
2. Australian Foreign Minister Urged to Back U.S. Stand on Tibetan Rights
3. Call to Action for National Boycott of Chinese Goods
4. Losing Hair; Woman Undergoing Chemotherapy Consults Tibetan Lama

Sunday, March 6 (3)

1. The Warrior Tribes of Kham

Monday, March 7

1. Tokyo Demonstration for the Release of Buddhist Nuns in Tibet

Tuesday, March 8

1. Tibet Conditions Getting Worse
2. U.S. Delegate Criticizes China's Human Rights Record at U.N. Human Rights Commission Hearings
3. Trade Exhibition to Be Held in Katmandu; Businessmen from Tibet to Participate

Wednesday, March 9

1. 35th Anniversary of the March 10th Uprising to be held in Ottawa & Vancouver

Wednesday, March 9 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Says Policy on Tibet Could Change
2. Chinese Take Out the Still-Hot Hearts of Young Tibetan Girls
3. China Displays its Prison But Not Its Prisoner
4. China's Decentralization Loosens Beijing's Control

Wednesday, March 9 (3)

1. Setting Up a Tibet News Faxnet to Reach the Media

Wednesday, March 9 (4)

1. China Wins UN Human Rights Vote

Thursday, March 10

1. Addendum: China Wins UN Human Rights Votes
2. Tibet's Dalai Lama to Visit Stanford April 19-20
3. Letter: Tracking Down Happy Homes Orphanage in Nepal

Thursday, March 10 (2)

1. Greenpeace Statement on the Occasion of March 10, 1994
2. Message from the BLOC Quebecois (official opposition party of Canada) on the occasion of March 10, 1994.
3. Message from Kashag (Tibetan Cabinet) declaring The Year of Tibetan Women
4. Statement on the Occasion of the Commemoration of 35th Year of the Tibetan Women's Uprising - 12th March 1994.
5. Tibetan Woman's Association Represented at United Nations NGO Consultation in New York
6. Dalai Lama's Stanford Visit

Thursday, March 10 (3)

1. Dalai Lama attacks Beijing

Thursday, March 10 (4)

1. Tibetan Exiles Burn Chinese Flag in Protest March
2. March 10 Vigil and Demonstration in Ottawa

Friday, March 11

1. Christopher in China for Crucial Rights Talks
2. Legislators Urge China Rights Progress

Friday, March 11 (2)

1. Activists Dissatisfied as U.N. Rights Meeting Ends
2. Lantos' Tibet Day Statement at Congressional Hearing on Religious Persecution in Tibet and China
3. Don't Flinch on Tibet
4. An Appeal and a Warning from Seven Chinese
5. Destruction by Design: Housing Rights Violations in Tibet
6. Letter: Misleading and Sensationalist Coverage of March 10 Events

Saturday, March 12

1. India Sabotaging World meet on Tibet According to Indian Deputies
2. M.P. Warren's March 10 Statement on Tibet in Canadian House of Commons
3. Ganden Jangtse Monks Tour Itinerary for March
4. Brochure on Gari 14 Nuns Available

Saturday, March 12 (2)

1. Chinese Police Surround American Embassy
2. China Holds Foreign Reporters over Dissident Visits
3. Tibet's Callers Connect by Satellite

Monday, March 14

1. Preparation for World Conference on Women

Monday, March 14 (2)

1. Demonstration March in Tokyo for Gari 14
2. Sechs Hundert Exil-Tibeter Demonstrierten in Bern und Zuerich [Six Hundred Tibetan Exiles Demonstrate in Bern and Zurich]
3. Indian Opposition MP Accuses Delhi of Torpedoing Tibet Convention
4. Facing Down Chinese Human Rights Abuses
5. China: Farewell My Trade Status?; In a Dispute over Human Rights, Beijing Tells Washington to Mind its Own Business
6. Christopher Gives Upbeat Assessment of Visit to China
7. U.S. Softens Trade Stand With China; Human Rights Steps Would No Longer Be Spelled Out
8. Chinese Foreign Minister Offers Token Gestures to ChristopherÔ

Monday, March 14 (3)

1. Tibetan Uprising Day Observed in Madison on March 10th
2. Keeping Hope Alive in Tibet
3. "Bamboo Gulag": China's Laigai Prison Network
4. Tibet's Forest Cover Surveyed
5. Monba Development a "Good Answer" to Tibet's Human Rights Question
6. Tibet Government Bans BBC, Star TV
7. Tibet Party Secretary Greets Congress Deputies Arriving in Beijing

Tuesday, March 15

1. March 10th Rally in Boston
2. Battered in Beijing
3. Two Dissidents Released as Christopher Left Beijing
4. Clinton Disappointed with China Talks
5. HH the Dalai Lama to Visit the University of Michigan
6. NBC 'Dateline' Expose on Chinese Military Starts March 15th
7. Letter: Correction on Yesterday's Time Magazine Article
8. Letter: Books on Mongolia, Tibet and Buddhism

Wednesday, March 16

1. In the hills of Holy Sadness

Wednesday, March 16 (2)

1. China's Record in Tibet Since May 28, 1993. With 3 Months to go, can China Make "Significant Progress"?
2. Trickle-down Human Rights has Failed; It is Time to Revoke China's MFN Status

Thursday, March 17

1. Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien Set to Boost Ties with China
2. U.S. Downplays Dissident Release in China

Thursday, March 17 (2)

1. Clash over Tibetan Child Lama in Delhi
2. Rival Sects Fight over Reincarnation of Karmapa
3. Dalai Lama to Visit Israel
4. Standing Up to China
5. Letter: Destruction of Tibet

Friday, March 18

1. Christopher Tells Congress That Beijing Trip Not Failure
2. Lobbying to Keep Door to China Open; Business Steps Up Pressure on Clinton, Congress to Avoid Trade Sanctions
3. Letter: Torture All Too Real in China and Tibet

Friday, March 18 (2)

1. Tibetan Buddhist factions come to blows
2. Lhasa mayor claims Chinese remain a minority in Tibet

Saturday, March 19

1. World MPs Meeting Calls for Tibet's Independence from China .......... 58
2. Voices on MFN Differ, Even Between Lords (2 items) .................. 133

Monday, March 21

1. Back Tibet Government-in-Exile, Conference Urges
2. Dalai Lama Begins Visit to Israel
3. Christopher's Beijing Trip: It Wasn't That Bad

Monday, March 21 (2)

1. Official Chinese Documents on Restrictions on Number of Monks and Nuns

Monday, March 21 (3)

1. Jews Jeer Dalai Lama at Western Wall
2. Israeli Government Leaders Snub Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama Visits Old City; Meets Environmental Minister
4. Book Review: Der Schwere Buddhistische Weg zum Gluecklichsein [The Hard Buddhist Way to Happiness]
5. Lawmakers' Meet Urges China to Settle Tibetan Issue

Monday, March 21 (4)

1. HOLDING FIRM Clinton Shouldn't Back Down On Threat To Reduce Trade With China

Monday, March 21 (5)

1. Dalai Lama Tours Jerusalem's Old City
2. Ancient Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
3. Dharmasala Email Connection Temporarily Offline

Tuesday, March 22

1. Divided House -Tibet's Kagyu Buddhists face a leadership battle
2. A Suitable Boy

Tuesday, March 22 (2)

1. China Attacks Tibet Supporters in Indian Parliament
2. Dalai Lama's Belief Nazis Have "Seed of Human Compassion" Called "Unconscionable" by Israeli Minister
3. My Trip to Beijing Was Necessary
4. The Business of Human Rights; Is the Policy of Human Rights Dead?

Tuesday, March 22 (3)

1. Tibet was a separate independent and sovereign nation prior to its invasion and subsequent occupation by the People's Republic of China.

Wednesday, March 23

1. China Unwilling to Send Human Rights Team to Australia
2. Peng Promises "Great Efforts" to Improve Relations with U.S.; But Warns Human Rights Are "Dead-End Road"
3. ÁÀÀ
4. New Edition of Tibet Chronology Available

Wednesday, March 23 (2)

1. Canadian Government Will Not Scold China over Human Rights
2. Letter: Chretien's Cowardedly and Hypocritical Stance on China
3. Don't Deport Chinese, Ottawa Told; Human Rights Worth More Than Trade: Community Leaders
4. Letter: Looking for Tibetan to Narrate Film

Friday, March 25

1. MFN Renewal Within China's Reach According to U.S. State Official
2. China Policy Stands for Now, White House Says
3. Tibetan Deputies on Li Peng Work Report
4. First Ever Tibet Leaders' Press Conference for Foreign Journalists
5. Tibet Leaders' on Detainees, Human Rights, Immigration
6. Raidi Says Fewer Than 20 on U.S. List of 106 Prisoners Still Detained
7. Polish Writers Protest Against Foreign Ministry's Attitude to U.N. Vote

Friday, March 25 (2)


Friday, March 25 (3)

1. Dalai Lama Calls on Israel and the Palestinians to Lay Down Their Arms
2. Report Confirms Chinese Nuclear Missiles on Tibetan Plateau
3. On My Mind: The Client is Lenin

Sunday, March 27

1. Holy Intrigue; Worst Crisis for Tibetan Buddhism Since 1959
2. Dalai Lama Sends 18 Monks to Spread Buddhism in Taiwan
3. China's Social Changes Spur More Executions; Families Don't See the Body, But They Pay for The Bullet

Monday, March 28

1. Dalai Lama Deserved Much More
2. Dalai Lama Should Keep Trying for Talks
3. Scientists Probe Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
4. Wildlife Well Protected According to China

Tuesday, March 29

1. Tibet Demonstration in Slovakia
2. Letter: Compiling a List of Tibetan Restaurants and Stores

Wednesday, March 30

1. Bonn Urges China to Observe Human Rights, Grant "Fair Autonomy" to Tibet
2. Squeeze China -- By Degrees
3. China Warns Against New U.S. Tack on Trade
4. U.S. Weighs Selective China Curbs
5. Christopher Says China Has Progressed on Rights
6. Australia Warns the U.S. Not to Over-Pressure China
7. U.S. Signals Apparent Shift in China Policy
8. China Focus of Canadian Attention; International Trade Minister Says Human Rights Not to Be Linked to Trade

Thursday, March 31

1. Rae's Trip to China Sparks Debate; Premier Reminded of Human Rights Record
2. Letter to Canadian Prime Minister

Thursday, March 31 (2)

1. New Delhi Reiterates That Tibet is Autonomous Region of China
2. Canada, Eyeing Vast New Market, Seeks Better Ties with China
3. Keep Human Rights Pressure on China
4. Boeing Executive Calls U.S. Proposal for China a "Step Sideways"
5. Rural Industrial Enterprises Employ 51,000 People in Tibet
6. Tibet Promotes Traditional Medicine
7. Aid-Tibet Fund Boosts Economic Growth
8. Thinking Her Way to Buddhism; Born in Drogheda and Reared a Catholic, Sheila Geaney is Now a Buddhist Nun

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