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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: November, 1996

Friday, November 1

1. Plot to set up official meeting for Dalai Lama fails (AFP)
2. Kohl stresses economic links with China (AFP)

Saturday, November 2

1. Text of Voice of America's Editorial on Ngawang Choephel. (VOA)
2. Radio Free Asia to Start Tibet Broadcasts (Reuter)

Sunday, November 3

1. The Dalai Lama honored by French Lawmakers (AP)
2. French parliamentarians back Dalai Lama (Reuter)
3. Dalai lama meets French minister (UPI)
4. Dalai Lama accuses China of cultural genocide (Reuter)

Monday, November 4

1. Justice China's way (Wang Dan) (Globe and Mail)
2. US Power Company Wants to Invest in Nepal for ... (Xinhua)
3. Magical Water Medicine Plant Opens In Tibet (Xinhua)
4. European Parliament Delegation Visits Tibet (Xinhua)
5. Nepalese NDP Delegation Visits Tibet (Xinhua)
6. Qinghai Reports Good Grain Harvest (Xinhua)
7. Siemens Aims to Share China's Power Plant Market (Xinhua)
8. New Homes For Families In Tibetan Capital (Xinhua)
9. Tibet authorities intensify "Strike Hard" action against "separatists"

Tuesday, November 5

1. Power Supply to Surge in Bid to Expand Tibet Industry (TIN)
2. Taiwan Buddhist group says has invitied Dalai Lama (Reuter)

Wednesday, November 6

1. China plans massive power, industrial expansion in Tibet (AFP)
2. Clinton to visit Australia as Beijing frets (AFP)

Thursday, November 7

1. Human rights group slams 'cynical' release of Chinese dissident

Friday, November 8

1. India, China agree to maintain border peace (AFP)
2. Nepal's northwestern frontier rocked by earthquake (AFP)

Saturday, November 9

1. Translation of Le Monde article on the Dalai Lama

Sunday, November 10

1. Leading Dissident Under House Arrest - (TIN)
2. Leading Tibetan dissident under house arrest (AFP)

Tuesday, November 12

1. China Tibet Monk Reported Under Virtual House Arrest (AP-DJ)
2. Chinese Muslims Recount Their Days of Terror (NYT)
3. Former French minister, Euro-MP urges backing for Tibet radio station (AFP)

Wednesday, November 13

1. China signals severe religious crackdown in Tibet (AFP)
2. Radio Free Asia: US focuses anti-China campaign on Tibet

Thursday, November 14

1. China launches crackdown in Tibet (AFP)
2. Chinese Officials Are Willing To Talk About Human Rights (AP)

Friday, November 15

1. China's top officials in Tibet vow to fight Dalai Lama
2. German firm becomes first EU insurer to operate in China

Saturday, November 16

1. Germany's Herzog will raise human rights in China (Reuter)
2. China takes socialist values crusade to Tibet (Reuter)
3. Mortalities of Children, Pregnant Women Drop in Tibet (XINHUA)

Sunday, November 17

1. Tensions over US-Australia alliance ahead of Clinton visit (AFP)
2. At least 105 Tibetans arrested for entering Nepal (AFP)
3. Re-education Sessions still continuing in Tibet (CSPT)

Thursday, November 18

1. Nun Sentenced to 9 Years for "Not Standing Up (TIN)
2. Jailed Tibetan nun gets extra nine years for insubordination (AFP)
3. German President arrives in China, marking return to normal ties (AFP)

Tuesday, November 19

2. Germany's Herzog will raise human rights in China (Reuter)
3. China takes socialist values crusade to Tibet (Reuter)
4. Mortalities of Children, Pregnant Women Drop in Tibet (Xinhua)
5. China to defrock radical Tibetan monks-official (Reuter)
6. China says religion must bow to socialism in Tibet (Reuter)
7. U.S. to monitor religious repression (UPI)
8. Tibet Gets Help From Other Parts of China (Xinhua)
9. Qinghai Province Steps up Resource Development (Xinhua)

Wednesday, November 20

1. Tibet party chief warns of separatist threat to region's youth (AFP)
2. China vows to eradicate Dalai Lama's influence on Tibet (AFP)
3. China defends human rights record (AFP)
4. Fleeting Tibetans arrested (UPI)
5. Taiwan recognizes Outer Mongolia (UPI)

Thursday, November 21

1. Christopher raises Wang Dan, Tibet with China (AFP)
2. US makes progress on nuclear issues with China, but Taiwan issue lingers (AFP)
3. China vows to fight hostile foreign forces in Tibet (Reuter)
4. Gansu Steps up Protection of Wild Plant, Animals (XINHUA)
5. Shanghai Helps Tibet Renovate Power Grids (XINHUA)
6. New Clinton mandate breathes life into Sino-US ties (AFP)
7. Radio Tibet: it already exists ... (RP)

Friday, November 22

1. China warns Disney over Dalai Lama film: report (AFP)
2. Chinese President sets off on four-nation tour, Clinton meeting (AFP)
3. Religious crackdown in Tibet will backfire: exiled government (AFP)
4. U.S. Trade Deficit Widens - Deficit with China at all-time high (AP)

Saturday, November 23

1. China is playing with fire by increased religious repression (DIIR)
2. U.S. urges U.N. assembly action on human rights (Reuter)
3. Sacred Mandalas (AP)
4. China accused of instigating turmoil (UPI)

Monday, November 25

1. China marks anniversary of Panchen Lama naming (AFP)
2. Panchen Lama promises to be a patriotic religious leader (AP)
3. Chinese official meets State Council-approved Panchen Lama in Beijing (Xinhua)
4. China Sends Mixed Signals as Christopher Arrives (WP)
5. Arm-wrestling Asian giants shake on an uneasy relationship (AFP)

Tuesday, November 26

1. Artist Found Traumatised After Alleged Torture (TIN)
2. China ups its superpower image with India and Pakistan trip (AFP)
3. Tibetans plan protests against Chinese president's Indian visit (AFP)
4. Jiang visit a ploy to consolidate illegal gains: Tibetans (AFP)
5. Chinese president to visit India (UPI)
6. India, China to sign three pacts during Jiang visit (Reuter)

Wednesday, November 27

1. Tibetans denounce China's border demarcations in Tibet (DIIR)
2. Chinese president makes historic Indian visit (AFP)
3. Perspective on Tibet (HT)
4. Jiang Zemin's visit to revitalise relations (P)
5. Border talks with China to inch forward (P)
6. Disney Sticks With Plan To Distribute Dalai Lama Film (AP)

Thursday, November 28

1. Statement by His Holines the Dalai Lama
2. Tibetan Exiles Protest In India (AP)
3. Tibetan refugees burn Jiang effigy (UPI)
4. Tibetans stage protest ahead of Jiang visit (Reuter)
5. China's Jiang to visit India, Tibet exiles protest (Reuter)
6. China's Jiang says India visit to increase trust (Reuter)
7. China, India Face Task of Improving Livelihood: Jiang (XINHUA)

Friday, November 29

1. Statement by Tibetan Women and Youth Group
2. Chinese Leader Avoids Protests (AP)
3. China's Jiang holds talks with Indian premier (Reuter)
4. India, China Ease Border Force (AP)
5. Avoidance is no policy (IE)
6. What we need to ask Jiang Zemin (P)
7. Mumbaiite Tibetans to protest against Jiang Zemin's visit (ENS)
8. China's boy monk passes anniversary far from Tibet (Reuter)
9. China's dubious progress

Saturday, November 30

1. 3 Tibetans Shot by Nepal Police, 43 Others With Frostbite (TIN)
2. At least two Tibetans hurt in Nepal police clash (Reuter)
3. Indian police detain Tibetan protesters (Reuter)
4. India-China agreed to reduce the number of troops (AP)
5. Tibetans joyous as Disney sticks to Dalai film (Reuter)
6. Beyond the Movie (NYT)

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