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WTN Archives: February, 1996

Friday, February 2

1. Teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for 1996

Wednesday, February 3

1. Winter blizzard kills 21 in China
2. Blizzards kills 42 on western China plateau -radio
3. Amoco To Tap Natural Gas In Qinghai
4. Norway Nobel Committee ignores Chinese complaint

Monday, February 5

1. China quake kills 240, injures 14,000 (Reuter)
2. China appeals for aid after killer quake (UPI)
3. Two die as 18,000 are stranded by Qinghai blizzard (Xinhua)
4. Report from Kham:

Tuesday, February 6

1. Double Exposure (FERE)
2. Publish or Perish (FERE)
4. China quake damage soars as aftershocks near 800 (Reuter)

Wednesday, February 7

1. Tibetan Music Teacher Arrested and Detained in Tibet (DIIR)
2. In the land of desinger beggars (TS)
3. Fly a (Web)Flag for Tibet: The Web Initative

Thursday, February 8

1. Dalai Lama's sister honoured (IE)
2. Tibetans to go on hunger strike (IE)
3. -China's Tactics (CT) (IE)
4. Tibet works out new steps to promote animal husbandry (Xinhua)
5. Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations reviews eight additional reports

Wednesday, February 9

1. Tibet Conference of the Americas in Washington DC on March 9 - 11, 1996. (ICT)

Wednesday, February 9 (2)

1. Young Activitis Seeks sponsors (SFT)
2. March for Tibet's independence (SFT)
3. CHN: ECOSOC on Tibet
4. Correction to 7 February issue

Tuesday, February 10

1. Tibet Photo Contest (ICT)
2. Keeping the "March for Tibet's Independence" Alive March 10 to April 25, 1996

Sunday, February 11

1. Beijing's Abuses Are Noticed on Campus (NYT)
2. Agriculture techniques promoting farming sector in Tibet (Xinhua)
3. Chinese singer at the Centre of new row (IPS)

Monday, February 12

1. Urgent appeal by International Secretariat of OMCT/SOS-Torture

Tuesday, February 13

1. Dalai Lama sees compromise with China over monk (Reuter)
2. Human Rights in Tibet used as pretext for political attacks, China tells Non-Governmental Organization Committee
3. His Holiness the Dalai Lama calls on the Vietnamese Government to release all imprisoned leaders of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietman
4. March 10th, 1996: European demonstration for Tibetan liberty
5. Dadawa: "Sister Drum"
6. Tibet leadership appearances

Wednesday, February 14

1. Fears for life of boy Lama (Times)
2. People in distant Lands (HM)

Thursday, February 15

1. Escape from Tibet with Gendun Rinchen
2. TIBET DAY in London
3. The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu go 'On-Line' for Peace

Friday, February 16

1. An Interview: Tibetan Refugee in Austin, Texas
2. Han Dongfang in Toronto

Saturday, February 17

1. Note from Tibetan Rights Campaign:
3. Brawl at UN between China and US over NGOs

Sunday, February 18

1. Petition for condemnation of China over Tibet
2. Tibetans "plan to murder" Beijing-chosen reincarnation
3. Posts and Telecommunications doing well in Tibet
4. More Public Telephones in Lhasa
5. Husbandry Tibet Invests More in Pastoral Development
6. Tibetans Preparing to Celebrate Tibetan New Year

Monday, February 19

1. Chinese Authorities in Tibet Ban Dalai Lama Photos from His Own Palaces
2. Congressman Speaks in the House on Voice of America's Anniversary
3. Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts tours Austria in March 1996

Tuesday, February 20

1. Tibet at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (CTC)
2. China bans photos of dalai lama and boy lama
3. EDC of Canada Finances Telecommunication Development Project in Tibet
4. Le r=E9seau t=E9l=E9phonique du "sommet de la terre" relie cinq villes =E9loign=E9es du Tibet=20
5. Weekly Meeting on the History and Culture of Tibet

Wednesday, February 21

1. Ten Tibetan Prisoners Escape from Chinese Prison (AP)
2. Habitat II Prepcom III Report
3. Web Site for March 10th Activities

Thursday, February 22


Friday, February 23

1. Tibet warns of more interference by Dalai Lama
2. China vows to close problem temples in Tibet
3. Tibet Fulbright scholar detained
4. Fulbright Scholar Detained in Tibet While Filming Traditional Music
5. Tibet Conference of the Americas
6. Update on Freedom for Tibet

Saturday, February 24

1. China signals new crackdown in Tibet
2. Update of progress made by Aaron Jorgenson on his walk to DC.
3. Tibetan Musician Detained While Making a Film

Sunday, February 25

1. U.S. to join EU in criticizing China's human rights
2. Dailly Walking Schedule: March for Tibet's Independence

Monday, February 26

1. Pat Buchanan on China (VOA)
2. Sam Nunn Urges U.S. and China to Start Hig-level Dialogue
3. Press Freedom in china

Tuesday, February 27

1. Pop CD leads to political fallout - Critics say the haunting `Sister Drum' tramples on feelings of Tibetans
2. Dadawa's 'Sister Drum' CD Causes International Outrage Amongst Tibetans

Wednesday, February 28

1. Up to 60,000 face starvation in China snowstorm
2. Thousands of Tibetans Facing Starvation Amid Snowstorms
3. Humanitarian group warns of Tibet famine

Thursday, February 29

1. Aid to Tibet Emergency Appeal from Tibet Foundation, London
2. More than 60,000 Tibetans face starvation in Yushu prefecture
3. Human Rights activists in Mongolia call for help and support for the peoples of Inner Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang (Reuter)

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