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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: June, 1996

Saturday, June 1

1. China Admits Holding Panchen Lama Child "for Protection" (TIN)
2. China Admits to Holding Dalai Lama's 7-Year-Old Candidate for Panchen Lama
3. UN Children's Rights Committee Queries Chinese Delegation on Panchen Lama Dispute

Sunday, June 2

1. Tibetans in Shigatse Sentenced to Up to 5 Years (TIN)
2. Habitat Report #1
3. China aims to restrict family size in Tibet
4. China court jails six pro-independence Tibetans
5. Work Starts on Sichuan-Tibet Highway Tunnel
6. Tibet Officials Sign up for Forestry Goals
7. Tibetan and Han Children Join Hands
8. Tibet to Open More Tourism Routes

Sunday, June 2 (2)

1. Habitat Report #2
2. Two killed as China police battle separatists
3. China gives Tibet separatists surrender ultimatum
4. Dalai Lama meets Norway's foreign minister
5. Chinesen verurteilen fuenf Tibeter in Schauprozess zu Haftstrafen [Chinese Condemn Five Tibetans in Show Trial of Punishment]
6. Geological Environment Well Protected in Tibet
7. Tibetan Monks, Laymen Hail Inscribed Golden Board
8. Tibet to Score Rapid Economic Growth
9. Tibet party secretary says Dalai Lama has "betrayed Buddhism"

Monday, June 3

1. Habitat Report #3
2. Separatist Tibetans Jailed by Chinese
3. Kundun Auditions in Madison

Tuesday, June 4

1. New Tibetan Parliament in Session: Elects Cabinet
2. Mr. Tashi Wangdi, present Kalon for Info. & Int'l Rel. and Health 40
4. Dalai Lama Meets Norwegian Foreign Minister
5. China Regrets Dalai Lama's Meetings with Finnish Officials
6. Tibet to Build More Cities; Official Forecasts Increase in Lhasa Population
7. Unhappy Anniversary in China
8. Boeing's Campaign to Protect a Market Corporations Lobby to Save China Trade

Wednesday, June 5

1. TSG CONFERENCE UPDATE - Friedrich-Naumann Foundation Shuts Its Office in China in Support of Tibet
4. China's Habitat Statement on Tibet
5. Tibetan leader to testify before Senate on MFN
6. The Wilderness Society Launches Campaign to Protect Tibet's Environment

Thursday, June 6

1. Major Puget Sound consumer cooperative grocery chain will take Chinese products off its shelves to support Tibet
3. Tibetan leader asks U.S. Senate to raise issue of Tibet with China
4. Biggest Rock Concert of the Year for Tibet
5. The Tibetan Freedom Concert Online

Friday, June 7

3. Amnesty releases new directory of victims of Chinese repression
4. "Tibetan Song and Dance Ensemble" performing in Washington, D.C area
5. China searching for sponsors of Tibet exhibit

Friday, June 8

1. "I BEGGED THEM TO KILL ME" - Tibetan monk describes 33 years as a chinese prisoner of conscience

Sunday, June 9

1. German foundation seeks funds for Tibet congress
2. China hints Germany should halt Tibet seminar
3. Germany Says Tibet Integral Part of China
4. Dalai Lama swears in new Tibet government-in-exile
5. Dalai Lama Will Never Be Allowed in Nepal Says Nepalese Prime Minister
6. Tibetan Official Meets Nepalese delegation
7. Nepal to discourage amateur climbers on Everest
8. Med schools need alternative medicine
9. China's Inner Mongolia warns against separatists

Monday, June 10

1. UConn changes Tibetan concert plans after protests by residents
2. Tibetan leader to testify before House on US-China Trade Relations
5. China: Tibetans enjoy religious freedom
6. China hails social progress
7. Demonstration Held Outside Office of Tibet in London

Tuesday, June 11

1. China cracks down on rural cults
2. Endangered Tibet
3. Downer and Tibet
4. Peking sagt China-Besuch von Bundestagsdelegation ab
5. SPD will Regierungserklarungen zur AuBen- und Sicherheitspolitik

Thursday, June 13

1. 13 Year Old Arrested at Ganden; Monk Dies from Bullet Wounds (TIN )
2. Why the Dalai Lama rejects Shugden (TR )
3. China cancels visit by Bundestag human-rights committee (GN )

Friday, June 14

1. Tibet flap clouds ties between Bonn and Beijing
2. Bonn slammed by opposition over Tibet policy
3. China honours Tibetan official killed by poachers (Reuter)
4. China suspends German group for supporting Tibet (Reuter)
5. Tibet re-educates rebellious monks, denies deaths (Reuter)
6. ICT Religion report available for sale
7. A Tibetan minor raped and murdered
8. Tibetan students do well in CBSE exams
9. An Open Letter to All Supporters of Human Rights in Tibet, June 1996

Sunday, June 15

1. Despite Chinese Pressure Tibet supporters gather in Bonn to strategize for Tibetan Freedom
2. Ministers of the Tibetan Government in Exile
3. MFN For China Alert

Sunday, June 16

1. Foreign Ministry summons German envoy over Tibet conference issue
2. Chinese ambassador summoned to German foreign ministry (ADN)

Monday, June 17

1. Dalai Lama urges continued support for Tibet at Bonn conference (ddpADN )
2. German foreign minister defends position on Tibet (ddpADN)
3. Tibetan minister-in-exile at German conference condemns Chinese government (ddpADN)

Wednesday, June 19

1. The British Foreign Minister to meet the Dalai Lama in July
2. Senior German MP issues Tibet warning to China (Reuter)
3. Germany's Kinkel backs controversial Tibet move (Reuter)
4. Tibet government aims to erase Dalai Lama influence (Reuter)
5. China tells Tibetans to protect cultural relics (Reuter)
6. The physical and psychological integrity of Tibetans
7. The Gedhun Choekyi Nyima-Fund
8. Letter from a Japanese tourist whow as recently in Tibet

Tuesday, June 20

1. Diplomacy key to Beijing's 'War' with Dalai Lama (ST)
2. German Press Coverag of 2nd TSG Conference in Bonn
3. Situation in Tibet since US delinking of human rights from MFN to China

Monday, June 21

1. German Bundestag passes Tibet-Resolution - Bundestag ignores Beijing's Protests (SZ)
2. Chinese ambassador sees possible cooling of ties with Germany over Tibet (ddpADN)
3. Spokesman accuses Bonn of "serious interference" in Chinese affairs (DR)
4. Spokesman urges Germany to "halt activities supporting Tibet independence" (CRI)
5. Chinese embassy in Germany: Tibet motion would injure mutual relations (DW)
6. China indignant at German parliament's "gross interference" over Tibet (Xinhua)

Saturday, June 22

1. PRC Envoy Criticizes FRG Tibet Resolution (Die Zeit )
2. Kinkel concerned about relations with China over Tibet
3. Tibet Secretary Promotes Sagya Monastery as Good Example
4. Tibet secretary on fighting separatism in Sagya County

Sunday, June 23

1. China cancels German minister's visit over Tibet vote

Sunday, June 23 (2)

1. Spokesman Announces Postponement of German Minister's Visit (CPBS)
2. Chinese embassy in Germany expresses "strong discontent" over Tibet vote (Xinhua)
3. Demonstration at Chinese Mission in New York

Monday, June 24

1. Germany's Kohl Protests China Postponement Of Kinkel Trip (Dow Jones)
2. Bonn cancels minister's trip to China in Tibet row (Reuter)
3. Bonn minister cancels China trip in Tibet row (Reuter)
4. Bonn regrets China snub, will not ignore rights (Reuter)
5. Bonn weighs reaction to China snub over Tibet (Reuter)
6. China scraps visit by Germany's Kinkel over Tibet (Reuter)
7. Roof of the World Covered with Green ( XINHUA)
8. Monumental History of Tibet Published in China ( XINHUA)
9. Tibetan Freedom Concert Draws 100,000; Adam ...

Tuesday, June 25

1. Kohl Comfort - German chancellor disappoints Tibet support groups (FEER )
2. German official appeals to West for more resolutions on human rights in Tibet (DR )
3. India tightens Dalai Lama's security (UPI )
4. Adam Yauch urges U.S. to get tough on China (ICT )
5. Statement of Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys

Wednesday, June 26

1. Bonn in the China shop (FT)
2. The China Trap (T)
3. German business fears backlash by China over Tibet (T)
4. H.H. Penor Rinpoche announcement

Thursday, June 27

1. China's great wall of stee (T)
2. Kohl defends Tibet policy but clings to China ties (Reuter)
3. Coldest June in Tibet (XINHUA)
4. China calls on German business to improve ties (Reuter)
5. China blames Germany for dispute over Human Rights (UPI)
6. Tibet an Inalienable Part of China, CPN Official Says (XINHUA)
7. China Shifts Ire To Germany From U.S. In Tibetan Dispute (WSJ)
8. China calls Dalai Lama pawn of anti-China forces (Reuter)

Friday, June 28

1. Norwegian authorities arrest Tibetan monk who spent 33 years in jail in Tibet
2. Reuter's "Highlights of German resolution on Tibet" (Reuter)
3. Tibet to speed up industrial production, logging, mining (Xinhua)
4. Tibetan Nuns prisoners of conscience
5. House fails to block MFN trading status for China ICT)

Saturday, June 29

1. Norwegian authorities blame Oslo chief of police for silencing Tibet and Amnesty protestors, while police action continues
2. Jiang Holds Talks with Norwegian PM (XINHUA)
3. Chinese president discusses Tibet issue with Norwegian leader
4. Tibet Has First Hospital With Isolation Ward (XINHUA)

Saturday, June 29 (2)

1. A Return to Shangri-La -- With an Intriguing Real-World Twist
2. Excerpts from `Shangri-La: The Return to the World of Lost Horizon'

Sunday, June 30

1. CLARIFICATION: Canada takes no position on China's claims
2. Appeal for Ngawang Choephel -- Amnesty Internation Urgent Action

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