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WTN Archives: March, 1997

Saturday, March 1

1. Wisconsin State Legislature Declares March 10th Tibet Day
2. Author Han Suyin Remembers Deng As Hard-Headed
3. Albright Leaves China With No Breakthroughs

Sunday, March 2

1. China to strive for "new socialist Tibet": official
2. China's to re-target family planning efforts to countryside: premier
3. China to push birth control policies in rural areas
4. Chinese premier calls for ethnic unity after Xinjiang blasts
5. Tibetan Music Festival in Bloomington, Indiana

Monday, March 3

1. China launches fresh attack on Dalai Lama visit to Taiwan
2. Taiwanese government officials won't meet Dalai Lama
3. Island Cautiously Prepares for Dalai Lama Visit
4. Dalai Lama and Taiwan "wallowed in the mire" together
5. Critics force postpone of Tibet Everest climb
6. A Benefit for Tibetan Freedom

Tuesday, March 4

1. Chinese ambassador to Czech Republic protests plan to fly Tibetan flag in town
2. China "indignant" over postponement of Everest ascent after Tibetan protests
3. Foreign minister will not meet Dalai Lama
4. China warns Dalai Lama's Taiwan visit will "undermine" relations
5. China warns Taiwan over Dalai Lama visit
6. Taiwan minister says not to meet with Dalai Lama
7. China ducks queries on Red Cross jail inspections
8. China launches scathing attack on US human rights record
9. No progress on China rights, minister says

Wednesday, March 5

1. Italian Parliamentary Group on Tibet Formed
2. A bid to preserve Tibetan music ends in a jail
3. Chinese mountaineers slam French move against Everest climb
4. Chinese military on top alert in Xinjiang, Tibet
5. Separatists threatening Tibet: China's Tibetan leader
6. China confident as bonds for Three Gorges Dam sell out in five days
7. China makes new push to enter World Trade Organization

Thursday, March 6

1. Separatists threatening Tibet: China's Tibetan leader with foreign minister's comments
2. China proposes terrorism laws after Tibet, Xinjiang bombs
3. China strengthens anti-terrorist laws to control Tibet, Xinjiang
4. Xinjiang, Beijing military region security forces reportedly on alert
5. Tibetan Tribute - Join the Tibetans in Ottawa for March 10th
6. But He Was a Killer
7. The Australian Senate passed the following resolution without dissent on Wednesday, March 5:

Friday, March 7

1. Boeing faces shareholder vote on China Religious-based group seeks a tough human rights stance (SPI)
2. Boycott of Bass PLC/ Holiday Inn called by Tibetan Human Rights Groups
3. China says U.N. rights censure doomed to fail
4. China law stresses party control over the military

Saturday, March 8

2. News from South Australia
3. 10 Hurt in Explosion on Beijing Bus
4. Failure on China Clear PM's Path

Sunday, March 9

1. 2,000 rally for Tibet on eve of UN rights conference
2. UN rights commission session to focus on China
3. Dalai Lama warns China on Xinjiang uprising
4. Thai daily says Mandela "disappointment to forces of freedom"
5. Taiwan tells Beijing not to politicize Dalai Lama's visit
6. March 10th in Ottawa
7. March 10th Colorado
8. Tibet vital to defence of country
9. War of words from NY Times is misfired

Monday, March 10

1. Tibetans march for freedom, Dalai Lama asks China to let go
2. Dalai Lama says China's repression in Tibet rising
3. UN Human Rights Commission session opens in Geneva
4. China set to escape censure at UN rights body
5. Tibetan flag flies from Notre Dame cathedral
6. Open Letter to the Dalai Lama from The Polish Association of Tibet's Friends

Monday, March 10 (2)

1. Dalai Lama accuses China of 'cultural genocide'
2. Tibetans stage protest march in India
3. Over 5,000 anti Chinese Tibetans stage demonstration
4. 124 cities in Germany hoisted the Tibetan flag
5. Tibetan women at UN
6. Birthday Card Campaign Begun for World's Youngest Political Prisoner

Tuesday, March 11

1. Taiwan government officials asked to meet with Dalai Lama
2. Australian prime minister warned against raising human rights in China
4. Letter to the Editor
5. Give the World a Clear Voice for Human Rights
6. TCCSC cohosted Rigoberta Menchu Tum tonite

Tuesday, March 11 (2)

1. Taiwan government officials asked to meet with Dalai Lama
2. Australian prime minister warned against raising human rights in China
4. Letter to the Editor
5. Give the World a Clear Voice for Human Rights
6. TCCSC cohosted Rigoberta Menchu Tum tonite

Wednesday, March 11 (3)

1. Official in Tibet vows propaganda campaign against "splittists" (AFP)
2. Communist urges "patriotic education" for Tibetan clergy
3. TYC Indefinite Hunger Strike in New Delhi
4. Cinemas Shun Tibetan Chronicle as Hot Potato
5. China has 620,000 people surfing the Internet
6. Hundreds of Tibetans demonstrate outside Chinese embassy
7. Dalai Lama to visit Russia in the summer
8. 10 March Rally in Vienna, Austria

Tuesday, March 11 (4)

1. A 966-km march to save Tibet -=20 Dalai Lama's brother among 12 headed for New York (Toronto Star)
2. The walk begins
3. Sponsor Meals for Walkers
4. Independence for Tibet
5. Marching for Tibet's Independence=20

Wednesday, March 12

1. March 10th in Ottawa
2. March Tenth in Wisconsin
3. March 10th in New York City
4. March 10th in Washington DC
5. March 10th in New Zealand

Wednesday, March 12 (2)

1. Tibetans burn Chinese flags in Indian capital protest
2. Beijing slams Taiwan parliament over Dalai Lama visit
3. Taiwan president wants to meet with Dalai Lama
4. US lawmakers blast China over human rights, seek release of Tibetan
5. China touts ethnic unity, equality amid separatist violence
6. Taiwan president arranging Dalai Lama meeting
7. Albright urged to secure release of Tibetan `spy'
8. Dalai lama urges military restraint
9. Dalai Lama Says China's Repression Rising

Thursday, March 12 (3)

1. Resolution criticizing China on human rights abuses advances in Congress
2. Senate calls for China censure
3. China to sign major U.N. treaty on civil, political rights
4. Danger: Thangka At Work
5. March 10th Observed in Washington D.C.
6. March 10 in Victoria, B.C.
7. Communique from CSPT

Thursday, March 13

1. Leadership Change in China renews hope for Tibetans=20
2. China Warns Taiwan Over Dalai Lama Visit
3. China warns Taiwanese president against Dalai Lama meeting
4. Taiwan president arranging to meet Dalai Lama
5. Dalai Lama's brother starts protest march in Toronto
6. French judge bans Chinese teddies after baby chokes
7. March 10th Statement in Spanish

Friday, March 14

1. European parliament backs negotiations on future of Tibet
2. Chinese leadership closes congress with show of unity
3. Statement read in the Canadian Parliament on March 10th
4. The European Parliament
6. Have you forgotten Tianamen Square?

Saturday, March 15

1. Tibet a litmus test for U.S. moral resolve
2. Beijing over-reacting to Dalai Lama's visit: adviser

Monday, March 17

1. Dalai Lama will not be official guest in Taiwan (AFP)
2. Taiwan views Dalai Lama as a local citizen (Reuter)
3. West accused of trying to divide China (Reuter)
4. Tibet novel to be translated into Chinese and published in Taiwan (WTN)

Tuesday, March 18

1. Tibetan Parliament in exile elects two new Kalons (DIIR)
2. China Criticized at UN Annual Human Rights Meet
3. China to delay direct Taiwan shipping over Dalai Lama visit: report (AFP)
4. Tibetan government in exile mulling mission in Taiwan (AFP)
5. Holiness the Dalai Lama's March 10 statement placed in the United States Congressional Record (ICT)

Wednesday, March 19

1. Taiwan cautiously opens arms to Dalai Lama visit by Benjamin Yeh (AFP)
2. China slams Dalai Lama, Taiwan President Lee (Reuter)
3. Dalai Lama's brother says Beijing briefed on Taiwan visit (AFP)
4. 3,000 people unite before the United Nations for the freedom of occupied Tibet. A bitter victory (RP)
5. U.S. conservatives launch campaign to deny China MFN (Reuter)

Thursday, March 20

1. Beijing fears anti-China pact between Dalai Lama and Taipei (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama's itinerary for visit to Taiwan reported (CNA)
3. Lee says Taiwan doesn't fear China's intimidation (Reuter)
4. Dalai Lama visit spotlights Taiwan-China dilemmas (Reuter)
5. Behind U.S. Celebrities' Love Affair With Tibet (NYT)

Saturday, March 22

1. Dalai Lama arrives in Taiwan, avoids uproar (Reuter)
2. Dalai Lama Arrives in Taiwan (AP)
3. President lee will meet with dalai Lama (CNA)
4. Dalai and Taiwan leader to meet for the first time (DT)
5. China says Dalai's Taiwan trip a splittist crusade (Reuter)
6. Views on the Visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama by Hsu Hsin-liang, Chairman Democratic Progressive Party
7. Chinese warships make first visit to U.S. mainland (Reuter)

Monday, March 24

1. Dalai Lama says Taiwan tour aids ties with China (Reuter)
2. Young and old pay homage to Dalai Lama at Taiwan temples numbers (AFP)
3. Taiwan president shrugs off China's anger to meet with Dalai Lama (AFP)
4. Dalai Lama preaches on love and suffering to 50,000 in Taiwan (AFP)
5. Taiwan university honours Dalai Lama for his efforts for world peace (AFP)
6. Tensions outside hotel as Dalai Lama arrives in Taipei (AFP)
7. The ethnic tinderbox inside China (BW)
8. Protest of PRC Warships in San Diego Bay

Tuesday, March 25

1. Taiwan may permit Dalai Lama to open Tibetan office (AFP)
2. Dalai Lama calls for talks with China (AFP)
3. Taiwan vice president and premier to meet Dalai Lama (AFP)
4. Taiwanese president reiterates the island's sovereignty (AFP)
5. China says no early talks with Taiwan on reuniting (Reuter)
6. Taiwan silent on leaders' meetings with Dalai Lama (Reuter)
7. China: Dalai Lama a `Schemer' (AP)
8. China toughens stand ahead of Taiwan leader's talks with Dalai Lama (AFP)
9. Dalai Lama heads mass inter-faith prayer meeting (AFP)

Wednesday, March 26

1. Taiwan confirms Dalai Lama to meet Lee Thursday (Reuter)
2. Dalai Lama Meets Taiwan Leaders (AP)
3. Dalai Lama meets Taiwan VP as tour turns political (Reuter)
4. Dalai Lama hails Taiwan democracy at tea with VP (Reuter)
5. Taiwan 'will learn from mistakes made in Tibet' (SCMP)
6. Senate calls for Howard statement on rights in Tibet (AAP)
7. IB team reviews security (TNS)
8. Tour guides fired
9. Taiwan papers hail courageous invitation to the Dalai Lama (AFP)

Friday, March 28

1. Tibetans Sacked After Visiting India
2. China holds all the trumps in Dalai Lama's struggle for free Tibet (AFP)
3. Dalai Lama's long road to Taipei (AT)
4. Taiwan 'will learn from mistakes made in Tibet' (SCMP)
5. China slams Dalai's Taiwan visit as dangerous step (Reuter)
6. "The Dalai Lama 'returns with fruitful results' from his visit to Taiwan"

Monday, March 31

1. Taiwan May Create Tibet Office (AP)
2. Howard coward on tibet human rights: Senator (AAP)
3. Tibet to Put 400 Million Yuan in Telecom Construction (XINHUA)

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