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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."
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WTN Archives: June, 1997

Sunday, June 1

1. Maxims from the Dalai Lama
2. Dalai Lama greeted warmly

Monday, June 2

1. Compassion the key, says Dalai Lama - Nobel laureate urges U.S. to sell democracy to China (Rocky Mountain News)
2. 2,000 in Boulder hear Dalai Lama
3. Dalai Lama welcomed heartily in Denver
4. Han and Tibetans worlds apart after 50 years thrown together
5. Lithuania plans pro-Tibet independence radio broadcasts
6. China reports mineral discoveries in Tibet

Tuesday, June 3

1. Dalai Lama draws legions
2. Dalai Lama delivers a message of peace - Happiness and tranquillity both begin with individuals, Tibetan leader tells Denver
3. Dalai Lama has outline for world at peace
4. Dalai Lama inspires awe in hundreds
5. Youth make PeaceJam a Nobel cause
6. A push for peace, a pine planted - Nobel winner Dalai Lama brings message of hope to youths in Denver

Tuesday, June 3 (2)

1. Dalai Lama: "Rebirth Outside Tibet"
2. Marchers' Private Audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama May 25, 1997
3. Tenzing Norgay's grandson also atop Mount Everest
4. Realism about China

Wednesday, June 4

1. Message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the 8th anniversary of the June 4 massacre at Tiananmen Square
2. Poplife: Tibet Freedom Concert
3. Berkeley City Council Adopts First Selective Purchasing Legislation To Support Tibet
4. Dalai Lama urges China to end suffering of people
5. Everyone say 'Om"

Thursday, June 5

1. Clinton's false choice: China and MFN (Seattle Times)
2. Learning the ways of Diaspora: Tibetans visit Jewish schools
3. China blasts west over rights
4. ON MY MIND - The Gathering Storm

Thursday, June 5 (2)

1. Home away from home - 48 years of oppression
2. Words from the wise Questions and comments from the Dalai Lama's talks in Boulder and Denver
3. Facts about the Dalai Lama's visit to Colorado:
4. Dalai Lama Speaks
5. EXCLUSIVE - Jim Laurie Interviews the Dalai Lama

Friday, June 6

1. Panchen Lama conspicuous by his absence in Tibet
2. His Holiness the Dalai Lama brings activism to SF
3. Hundreds of thousands in Tibet untouched by China's largesse
4. Feud Divides Tibetan Buddhists: Dalai Lama angers deity's devotees
5. Dalai Lama benefits group

Saturday, June 7

2. Morissette, U2, Beasties rock for Tibetan freedom
3. America Must Say No to China on MFN

Sunday, June 8

1. Photographers Rally For Tibet

Monday, June 9

1. CONVERSATION: Doing the dragon dance
2. Berkeley takes stand for Tibet

Tuesday, June 10

1. Dalai Lama's Visit Is Dream Fulfilled
2. Visit to Vietnamese Buddhist Community Is Woman's Dream Come True
3. Dalai Lama Speaks to Vietnamese
4. Bonded by Experience as Refugees

Wednesday, June 11

1. All-Star Rock and Rap Cast Perform for Tibetan Freedom
2. Making Peace a Part of Their Lives=20
3. Show Your Support on June 14th by Flying Tibetan Flags
4. Landslides claim at least 28 in India
5. Dalai Lama Lends Ear To Attentive Youth -=20 Tibetan leader in S.F. for conference=20
6. It's 'Hello, Dalai' For Leader's Visit - Exiled icon warmly welcomed=20

Thursday, June 12

1. Gay Buddhists Meet With Dalai Lama - Leader may re-examine doctrine on sex
2. Dalai Lama Speaks on Gay Sex - He says it's wrong for Buddhists but not for society
3. News Update from International Campaign For Tibet
4. Tibetan bourse bridges the gap between yaks and limousines
5. Scorsese to publish two books this year
6. Tired of Blockbusters? Try These See-Worthy Tapes
7. 3rd Annual West Coast Picinc

Friday, June 13

1. Dalai Lama Speaks at Berkeley - Buddhist leader's simple honesty wins over crowd (SFC)
2. China mulls new rules on reincarnated buddhas (Reuter)
3. A Chorus on China (WP)
4. Keep Vigilance against Plot on Tibet: Nepali King (XINHUA)

Sunday, June 15

1. Leading Religious Teacher Dies (TIN)
2. NPC Standing Committee Refutes EU Commission's ... (XINHUA)

Monday, June 16

1. Dalai Lama, experts attend peace seminar in Stockholm (AFP)
2. Beijing easing up slightly on Tibet's Buddhist monasteries (AFP)
3. Russia's Tibet File

Tuesday, June 17

1. Sinister Agenda (IT)
2. Human rights abuses widespread in Asia/Pacific: Amnesty (AFP)

Wednesday, June 18

1. Tibet makes the big time as the Dalai Lama tours America (AT)
2. HH Dalai Lama meeting with Gay & Lesbian Representatives (ILCT)
3. Press Release from the Office of Tibet - New York

Thursday, June 19

1. China moves battle for Tibet onto international scene (AFP)
2. Beijing criticizes opening of office for Dalai Lama in Taiwan (AFP)
3. Historic Lhasa Palace Demolition (TIN)
4. China holds up Hong Kong as lesson for Dalai Lama (Reuter)

Sunday, June 22

1. 14 Convicted in Tibet Violence (AP)
2. Austrian Explorer Faces Nazi Past (AP)

Monday, June 23

1. Crime on the Increases in Tibet (TIN)

Tuesday, June 24

1. HK,Tibet face ``chilling similarities'' under China (Reuter)
2. Virgin Net helps to make history with

Wednesday, June 25

1. Fashion show with Tibetan, Uighur costumes triggers row in HK (AFP)
2. Violations of Human Rights and the Environment in Tibet as a result of Unsustainable Development (ICT)

Thursday, June 26

1. Headline: Sino-Swiss Joint Venture Starts in Tibet (AIS)
2. Corporate Trends Effecting Human Rights in Tibet and China, 1993-1997 A Case Study

Friday, June 27

1. A letter from Tibet (DIIR)
2. Tibetan Flag Flies For The Last Time In Hong Kong
3. Tibet campaigners in Hong Kong defy China rule (Reuter)
4. Tibet-Nepal Trade Drops After Chinese Police Assaults (TIN)

Friday, June 27 (2)

1. Tibetan statement on Hong Kong's reversion to Chinese sovereignty
2. Hong Kong's "17-point agreement"

Friday, June 27 (3)

1. An outline of contacts between Dharamsala and Beijing (DIIR)

Saturday, June 28

1. Hong Kong could go way of Tibet - Dalai Lama (Reuter)
2. Hong Kong to be "litmus test" for China: Dalai Lama's bureau (AFP)
3. China restricts Tibet travel ahead of Hong Kong handover (AFP)

Sunday, June 29

1. Dalai lama warns of Chinese aggression (UPI)
2. Hong Kong Celebrations Raise Expectations in Lhasa (TIN)

Monday, June 30

1. Party, party as new era begins (PA)
2. Hong Kong handover is bitter reminder for Tibetan exiles (Reuter)
3. As Britain Hands Back Hong Kong, It's Time For China To Hand Back Tibet
4. A New Cultural Revolution? (AW)
5. Power station on sacred lake opens in Tibet (AFP)

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