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WTN Archives: September, 1997

Tuesday, September 2

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama to visit Czech Republic
2. Swiss delegation to Tibet raised human rights issue: Swiss source (AFP)
3. Nine percent of Tibetan prisoners are political: official (AFP)

Wednesday, September 3

1. Press statement from Dr Antje Volimer - vice-president of the German Federal Assembly
2. "Seeing is Believing": Says GFA Vice-President ( XINHUA)

Wednesday, September 3 (2)

1. Tanak Jigme Sangpo - 41 years in Chinese prison (TCHRD)
2. Tibetan exiles demand release of prisoner (Reuter)
3. The Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts arrives in the Chicago

Thursday, September 4

1. The Man Who Won't Give Up (WP)
2. EU asked to work on human rights in China (CNA)

Friday, September 5

1. panchen lama (VOA)

Saturday, September 6

1. Statement of H. H. the Dalai Lama on the Demise of Mother Theresa
2. Policy On Dalai Lama Remains Unchanged (XINHUA)

Sunday, September 7

1. Taiwan approves Dalai Lama's Taipei branch -paper (Reuter)

Monday, September 8

1. Dalai Lama prays China congress will back reforms (Reuter)
2. Dalai Lama wins approval to set up office in Taiwan: report (AFP)
3. Sydney's Tibetan community protest against Chinese (AAP)

Tuesday, September 9

1. German human rights delegation to Tibet decries concealment (AFP)
2. tibet overview by gil butler voice of america (VOA)

Wednesday, September 10

1. 200 monks and nuns 'jailed in Tibet' (SCMP)
2. Tibetan Chadrel Rinpoche held in a secret compound in Chuandong (Eastern Sichuan) No.3 Prison, on hunger strike since July (HRW)
3. China imprisons Tibet abbot in solitary - group (Reuter)
4. Tibet Raised at UN Human Rights Meeting

Thursday, September 11

1. Testimony of Tsultrim Dolma
2. China releases 111 Tibet prisoners early (Reuter)
3. Expat Tibetans choosing to return home ( IPS)
4. German parliamentarians see progress on Tibet (Reuter)
5. Propaganda worries (SCMP)

Friday, September 12

1. Hospital Delays Injured Tourist's Evacuation (TIN)
2. Persecuted for her faith (WT)
3. Dances from the roof of the world (CT)

Sunday, September 14

1. Buddhism will develop western tradition (AAP)
2. "Seven Years in Tibet" closes off Toronto festival (Reuter)
3. Senators seek to mold U.S. China policy (Reuter)
4. 30,000 Tibetan officers undertook "anti-separatist" training (AFP)
5. Buddhists hit it off with kung fu star (TST)

Monday, September 15

1. The next generation: the state of education in Tibet today (TCHRD)
2. Brad Pitt Can't Save 'Seven Years In Tibet' (Variety)
3. TTestimony of Lodi G. Gyari (ICT)

Tuesday, September 16

1. British Pop Stars Seek Release Of Tibet Musician
2. China says ready for talks with Taiwan on union

Thursday, September 17

1. China grants release to Tibetan prisoners: A token gesture (DIIR)

Wednesday, September 17 (2)

1. Dalai Lama's representative in Taiwan will respect host's sensitivities
2. China Urges Tibet's Dalai Lama to Return to Fold
3. Tibetan exiles give guarded welcome to prison releases
4. Nepal Police arrest 32 Tibetans for illegal entry
5. China defends religious crackdown in Tibet
6. George Magazine's Claim CIA "Rescued" Dalai Lama Inaccurate - Envoy of Dalai Lama Regrets "Misinformation"
7. The Governor of the State of Wisconsin, USA honors TIPA
8. Taiwan's Lee Steps Up Campaign Against China

Friday, September 19

1. China Urges Dalai Lama to Return to Fold
2. Beijing defends its hard line on Tibet, Xinjiang
3. Hunger strike in Paris
4. China's top circle of leaders: who are they?

Saturday, September 20

1. Brad Pitt Goes Buddhist
2. David Bowie Keeps 'Blind Date' In Chicago

Sunday, September 21

1. Transcripts of the Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2. China ready to `welcome' Dalai Lama

Monday, September 22


Tuesday, September 23

1. ON MY MIND - Getting to Know Him
2. Tibet power plant starts operation
3. Tibet splittists show ignorance

Thursday, September 25

1. Scholars say polo originated in Tibet

Friday, September 26

1. Gandhians to lead satyagraha in Tibet=20
2. Hollywood Movie Provides Platform for Nationwide Awareness Campaign; Americans Mobilize to Join the Struggle to End Chinese Oppression in Tib= et
3. Updates on the hunger strike led by Ph. Wagner.

Saturday, September 27

1. The Transcripts of the Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (EIN)
2. Vintage beauties on show=20

Saturday, September 27 (2)

1. The Transcripts of the Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (EIN)
2. Vintage beauties on show=20

Sunday, September 28

1. The Transcripts of the Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama (EIN)
2. Weavers in India Deplete an Endangered Species=20

Monday, September 29

1. Terror behind the bamboo curtain
2. Clinton's China trip slated for next spring

Tuesday, September 30

1. Three MPs and 66 Indians for the October 2nd Satyagraha
2. Local folks work to put Tibet on the American agenda
3. China defends labour camp system
4. China Attacks Radio Free Asia as U.S. Meddling
5. House moves legislation in GOP attempt to influence U.S.-China summit
6. For National Day, premier says China prosperous, at peace

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