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Monday, January 19, 1998

2. Hundreds of Chinese herdsmen missing in snow

BEIJING, Jan 17 (Reuters) - Hundreds of animal herders and their
families are missing in China's remote province of Qinghai, which has
been hit by heavy snowfalls since September, Xinhua news agency
reported on Saturday.

A total of 217 families had been reported missing, the official news
agency said, without mentioning the exact number of people involved or
saying whether authorities believed they were missing or dead.

Some 7,300 herdsmen had been injured or had fallen ill as a result of
blizzards and temperatures as low as minus 40 Celsius (minus 40

Around 117,200 animals had perished.

Provincial authorities had sent 700 tonnes of relief goods, including
food and medicines, to stricken areas and granted 5.0 million yuan
($602,410) in emergency aid. More than 1,000 troops had been despatched
to the worst hit areas.

Xinhua also reported that 500 People's Liberation Army troops were
involved in rescue work in neighbouring Tibet, the Chinese-ruled
Himalayan region that has also been ravaged by cold weather.

Unusually early snow in the region has been blamed on the El Nino
weather phenomenon, which has turned much of the world's weather upside

State media have not reported any deaths in Tibet.

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