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Wednesday, January 21, 1998

3. Tibet hospitals send aid to snow-hit county (AFP)

BEIJING, Jan 20 (AFP) - The Tibetan government has sent a medical team to
the area hardest hit by the worst snow in decades, China's official Xinhua
news agency said Tuesday.

The report said the 26-member team and 660,000 yuan (90,000 dollars) worth
of medicine were sent to Nagqu County by four hospitals -- two run by the
Tibet Autonomous Region government, one by the Chinese army and one by the
Chinese police.

Since September, Nagqu and three other counties have been hit by heavy
snowstorms. Xinhua said many victims were suffering snow blindness, frostbite
and other ailments.

By mid-December new snowfalls along the Himalayas had cut communications
between a number of counties, towns and villages in the four counties, where
400,000 people live.

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