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Friday, January 23, 1998

1. Tibet Chic Spreads To Europe

Thursday January 22 8:38 AM EST

By Benedict Carver

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Hollywood's fascination with Tibet has spread to

French producer Jacques Perrin has lined up financing for the $7
million drama "Himalaya," which is currently halfway through an
eight-month shoot on location in the Dolpo area of the Tibetan and
Nepalese border.

Shot in the Tibetan language, "Himalaya" charts the rivalries and
passions that erupt in a Himalayan village during the hazardous annual
yak migration. It represents the feature helming debut of documentary
director-journalist Eric Valli, who also wrote the story.

Tibetan-themed pictures released last year included "Seven Years in
Tibet" and "Kundun." Awaiting release is Franz Reichle's "The
Knowledge of Healing."

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  1. Tibet Chic Spreads To Europe
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