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Wednesday, January 7, 1998

2. Publishing business flourishes in Tibet

China Daily, December 30, 1997

(XINHUA is the official news agency of the People's Republic of China)

LHASA (Xinhua) -- China's open policy and economic reforms have
promoted the development of publication
services in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The region currently has 60 newspapers and periodicals, half of them
being Tibetan-language publications.

Tibet has a long history and is rich in culture. But before the
peaceful liberation of Tibet in the early 1950s, there
were few publications for ordinary Tibetans except some classical
Buddhist books circulated in some major

On April 22, 1956, the "Tibet Daily" was published in both Tibetan
and Chinese languages in Lhasa, capital of the
region. Now there are about 30 newspapers with nine Tibetan-language
ones covering political, economic,
scientific and technological, educational and cultural, and ethnic

Meanwhile, the Tibet People's Publishing House has published more
than 2,000 kinds of books in the past 26
years and 70 per cent of the books were printed in the Tibetan language.

The publishing house also published some books to spread the
knowledge of science and technology among
Tibetans such as "Application of Fertilizers," "On Prevention of
Infectious Disease of Cattle" and "Safety
Measures for Electricity Applications."

Since 1991, the publishing house has held Tibetan book expositions
in Nepal and India, as well as in Hong Kong
and Macao.

In the past decade, Tibet has set up a video publishing company to
publish audio and video tapes in the Tibetan
language, including "Singer Cedain Zhoima's Collection," "Hometown
-- Changdu," "The 17th Garmaba Living
Buddha" and "Tibetan Customs MTV" as well as "Pilgrimage to the West."

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