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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"
<-Back to WTN Archives WTN ARCHIVE - May, 1998

WTN Archives: May, 1998

Friday, May 1

1. Tibetan protester dies
2. 10,000 Tibetans Protest China's Rule
3. China Balks at Concessions Timed to Clinton's June Trip - Asia: Beijing takes hard line on Albright's appeal for policy changes on Tibet, rights, trade and arms issues.
4. MEA walks tightrope on Tibet with China - Change in Beijing's position on India expected after Gen. Fu returns
5. Dalai Lama Brings Stars to Houston, Texas for Benefit May 19, 20, 1998
6. Letters To The Editor (Capital Times Madison WI April 30th)
8. Tibetan Comm of Alta. Mourns the loss of Thupten Ngodup

Friday, May 1 (2)

1. Dalai Lama Hopeful on Clinton Policy
2. Tibetan protester cremated amid anti-Chinese rallies in India
3. Thousands Mourn Death of New Tibetan Martyr
4. Dalai Lama in NY To Teach Truth
5. Tibet faces extinction, dalai lama says

Saturday, May 2

1. Tibet cause back in focus with Ngodup's `sacrifice'
2. Dalai Lama Notes Shifts in China; Backs Clinton's Softer Line
3. Tibetan protester's funeral become anti-China rally
4. China defiant on Tiananmen, Tibet
5. Cynical games
6. Pull Tibet Film, China Tells Washington Festival
7. China protests film about its occupation of Tibet
8. Letter from Regional Tibetan Youth Congress, Mussoorie, India

Saturday, May 3

1. Dalai Lama's Dilemma
2. Tibet Film Scheduled Despite China Protest
3. A Thunderous Retreat

Monday, May 4

1. Patience Of Tibetans Wears Thin - Exile's suicide last week reflects growing discontent with Dalai Lama's approach.
2. Dalai Lama's image has grown since last visit Tibetan leader expected to draw crowds during fourth trip to Madison
3. Albright makes no headway with China on Tibet
4. Diplomacy is fine, but we need action

Monday, May 4 (2)

1. China bigger threat to India than Pakistan: defence minister
2. Indian defence minister under attack for statement on China
3. Hatred crosses all borders - Let us stamp it out even as we dance in celebration
4. Sailors Hit Me: Protester
5. Australian protester claims he was beaten by Chinese navy

Tuesday, May 5

1. TIME TO TALK ON TIBET - Editorial
2. `Martyr' Thubten becomes new hero for Tibetans
3. Dalai Lama group opens Taiwan office
4. Life imprisonment for Tibetan sentenced in Drapchi
5. Russian Police Overcome Buddhist Book Protest
6. Students For Free Tibet UW Madison & Wisconsin Tibetan Association

Tuesday, May 5 (2)

1. Tibetan Culture - Changes for its preservation
2. Pro-Tibetan protester arrested as warship enters Sydney
3. Dalai lama meets with Western doctors
4. Tibetans Mourn Monk Who Protested
5. U.S. exhibition of Buddhist text causes disturbance in Russia
6. China lashes out at Indian official
7. Defence minister upsets Indian PM with anti-China outburst

Wednesday, May 6

1. My vision for 2000 - China, Tibet and prospects for peace
2. No Shangri-La for Tibetans - Romanticizing Tibet only obscures the real issues
3. Bureau New Delhi letter to Radical Party
4. Tibetans mourn immolated monk Service comes one week after suicide protest
5. Tibetans and Friends hold prayer ceremony for Thupten Ngodup in Princeton, NJ
6. Indian defence minister tones down anti-China stance
7. Third Tibetan Freedom Concert Sold Out
8. U.S. movie studios offer to invest in China

Thursday, May 7

1. Nobel laureate wants Tibetans to give up hunger strike
2. Buddhist tome begins controversial U.S. tour
3. Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche concludes his lectures at the University in Australia
4. Indian defence minister resumes anti-China rhetoric despite criticism
5. Official Chinese Delegation Walk Out Shocks Swiss Audience
6. The Cure for All the World's Troubles. Right
7. City of Madison, Wisconsin welcomes the Dalai Lama
8. Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng calls for more "pressure" on Beijing
9. This year's Filmfest DC voted "Windhorse," their top choice (except)

Friday, May 8

1. Indian government ally for talks between China, Dalai Lama
2. From Tibet to Brandeis - Editorial
3. An exile's welcome Dalai Lama to build on his ties to Boston
4. Dalai Lama to Arrive in Boston as White House Prepares China Trip
5. Lhasa Mayor in the US - Tibetan mayor starts low-key tour of U.S. cities
6. Important visits to Hunger Strikers in Paris

Saturday, May 9

1. Dalai Lama meets dissident Wei Jingsheng
2. Tibetan exiles picket UN office in New Delhi to demand independence
3. Celebrity complicates travel
4. Dalai Lama finds lesson in Jews' struggle - In a speech at Brandeis, monk likens Tibetans' plight to the Jewish history
5. Dalai Lama to build on his ties to Boston
6. GOP urges passage of religious sanctions bill
7. China is changing for the better, says Dalai Lama

Sunday, May 10

1. Rockers given scarves, blessings from Tibet
2. Dalai Lama wins friends for nonviolence Tibetan spiritual leader leaves an enduring impression
3. `Optimistic' Dalai Lama, Chinese Dissident Meet
4. So Religions Can Be Free
5. Solidarity Demo in Toronto
6. Letter to the WTN Editors

Monday, May 11

1. Dalai Lama, Chinese dissident meet in Massachusetts (AFP)
2. Indian defence minister urges China to be "good neighbour" (AFP)
3. Tibetan exiles stage protest march, urge UN to act

Tuesday, May 12

1. China mum on India nuclear tests (Reuters)
2. Indian ex-PM says knew n-tests imminent (Reuters)
3. Monks vs. Monks (TIME)
4. Paying the Ultimate Price (TIME)
5. Students join campaign in support of Panchen Lama (Montreal Gazette)
6. Body Shop and Amnesty International launch campaign on UDHR

Wednesday, May 13

1. The Dalai Lama help launch Human Rights campaign (AP)
2. China postpones congressional visit to Tibet (AFP)
3. Pakistan pressured not to accelerate the nuclear arms race (DT)
4. The Dalai Lama speaks at Emory University (AJ)
5. Why does Buddhism inspire such fascination? (CT)
6. The words of the Dalai Lama
7. Earthquake rocks northwestern China, no casualties (Reuters)
8. China releases bishop, leading US cleric says (Reuters)

Thursday, May 14

1. Dalai Lama: India should not have nukes, but not be policed by others(AP)
2. Dalai Lama says he's sad over India's nuclear testing (MJS)
3. Exiled Tibetan leaders hail Indian PM over nuclear tests (AFP)
4. Royal welcome as Dalai Lama visits Madison (AP)
5. Dalai Lama's visit in Madison begins with blessings (MJS)
6. Letter to WTN News Re: TYC quote in AFP

Friday, May 15

1. Tibetan protesters break marathon fast following global pledges (AFP)
2. Tibetans call off hunger strike temporarily (Reuters)
3. Fifteen monks arrested in Tibet (TIN)
4. Letter to WTN: TYC responds to AFP quote

Saturday, May 16

1. Firing at 150 Tibetan Political Prisoners (TCHRD)
2. China police fired on Tibet prison protest - group (Reuters)
3. Tibetan Youth Congress statement to halt the hunger strike unto death (TYC)
4. Statement by Kalon T C Tethong (DIIR)
5. China slams European parliament resolutions (Reuters)

Monday, May 18

1. More Firing at Tibetan Prisoners - Severe Repression Continues in Drapchi Prison (TCHRD)
2. Spectre of dialogue on Tibet unsettles China (FT)
3. Tibetan congress suspends fast (Tribune)
4. China No Threat To India - People's Daily Newspaper (AP)

Tuesday, May 19

1. Dalai Lama backs China's call to ban nuclear weapons (AFP)
2. China is India's biggest threat: Indian defence minister (AFP)
3. China warns India nuclear tests threaten world stability (AFP)
4. China says European Parliament resolutions a 'regrettable obstacle' (AFP)
5. European Parliament Resolution on Tibet - 13 may 1998

Wednesday, May 20

1. His Holiness the Dalai Lama's view on India's Nuclear Tests
2. Border dispute still hangs over India-China ties (AFP)
3. Nuclear tests trigger new India and China tension (AFP)
4. The Chinese threat is very real (IN)

Thursday, May 21

1. New protests at Drapchi prison (TIN)
2. Tibet is an integral part of China (Sapa)

Saturday, May 23

1. Tibetans Try To Storm Embassy (AP)
2. Tibetans clash with Indian police in bid to storm Chinese embassy (AFP)
3. Over 3,993 monks and nuns expelled - Religious Repression Continues in Tibet (TCHRD)
4. Hollywood star Richard Gere defends Indian N-tests (AFP)
5. Cape Town Tibet Support Group launched

Monday, May 25

1. Police arrest 35 Tibetans for illegally entering Nepal (AFP)
2. Scandinavian Parliamentarians sign up for Tibet
3. Tibetan Youth Congress(tyc) demonstrates in protest against the killings of political detainess at drapochi prison in tibet

Tuesday, May 26

1. Tibet Leader Offers Clinton Advice (AP)

Thursday, May 28

1. Tibet's Dalai Lama. Breakfast with the Dalai Lama. No guile, no double-speak (ETNS)
2. Tibetan Dissent (AP)
3. Gonggar Airport Towers Above the World (XINHUA)

Sunday, May 31

1. Tibet's Dalai Lama welcomes Clinton's visist (PTI)

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