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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."
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WTN Archives: July, 1999

Thursday, July 1

1. Lama No. 3 visits Russian Buddhist region (AFP)
2. US lawmaker pushes congress to support World Tibet Day (AFP)
3. Disputed Panchen Lama blesses 16,000 followers in Tibet: state media (AFP)

Friday, July 2

1. Dalai Lama traditionally chooses the Panchen Lama (SJMN)
2. Dalai Lama Cancels Birthday Plans (AP)
3. Tibet - Letter to the Editor (TP)
4. Sampling The Surprisingly Assertive Cuisine Of Tibet (NYT)

Saturday, July 3

1. Panchen Lama: Tibet's living god or puppet ruler? (CNN)
2. Interview of Tseten Norbu (FCT)

Monday, July 5

1. Letter From China (WP)
2. Tibet Nets Market Economy (ABC)
3. Open Wide - For Better and Worse, Chinese Investment Flows Into Tibet (WP= )

Tuesday, July 6

1. China banned birthday celebration (AP)
2. Irate mob burns Tibetan market (TT)
3. The Shadow of Tibet Hovers over Swiss-Chinese Relations (TG)

Wednesday, July 7

1. Thousands of Tibetan, Nepalese Buddhists mark Dalai Lama's birthday (AFP)
2. Dalai's reincarnation will not be found under Chinese control (IE)
3. Issaquah teen hopes to raise awareness through music; (EJ)
4. Life in Tibet is fool's gold for many Chinese (Reuters)

Thursday, July 8

1. Burning and lootings of shops and houses of Tibetan minority in Manali, India
2. CIA veteran traces long course of support for Tibet guerrillas (BG)
3. In quest of religious tolerance, Geneva cathedral to welcome Dalai Lama (ENI)
4. Letter - Loan for Relocation of Groups to Tibet

Friday, July 9

1. Dalai Lama to Speak at Field Museum (PRN)
2. Mr P T Takla - A hero of his time (TR)

Saturday, July 10

1. Dalai Lama to Speak at Field Museum (PRN)
2. Madison Adopts Resolution Supporting Tibet (ICLT)

Tuesday, July 13

1. Tibetan story a good bet (TS)
2. Festival of Tibet 2000
3. Geneva Festival-Guest of Honour: The Tibetan People

Wednesday, July 14

1. Tibet's 'sky burial' lives on to link death and nature (NYT)
2. Taiwan's Lee provocative and popular (Reuters)

Thursday, July 15

1. Ideas & Trends: Karma and Helms; A Stick for China, a Carrot for Tibet's Lobby (NYT)
2. Officials of Myanmar's gov't-in-exile to visit Manila (Kyodo)

Friday, July 16

1. Tibetans Reach A Crossroads (NYT)
2. China trumpets human rights progress in Tibet (Reuters)

Sunday, July 18

1. Focus on China/Tibet makes Rep. Cox forget democracy's meaning in Orange (LAT)
2. The old monastery kitchen of Hemis (AA)

Monday, July 19

2. Downer's China Syndrome: what human rights abuses?
3. Dalai Lama to Visit New York, Indiana, Illinois in August

Tuesday, July 20

1. World's highest oil field reported found in Tibet
2. House panel cuts funds for World Bank lending
3. China defends policies in Tibet
4. ANNOUNCEMENT: Free Tibet Benefit Concert by UBC SFT Chapter

Thursday, July 22

1. China To Develop Tibet Field Despite Political
2. Scientists comment on possible tibet oil reserves
3. Controversial Buddhist relic returns to Russia after world tour
4. Government's Annual Report on Human Rights admits no progress in China

Saturday, July 24

1. Bickering Buddhists
2. Letter to Editor: RE: Sonam Dekyi/Ngawang Choephel - Washington Post
3. The singing nun

Monday, July 26

1. Two Tibetan Activists Sentenced
2. Norway, Canada to attend human rights conference in China
3. Chinese government-Dalai Lama contacts secrets

Wednesday, July 28

1. Tibetan art dealer arrested in attempt to stop relics theft
2. Official denies report Tibetan monks sentenced to jail
3. Snow Leopards Could Save Mountain Biodiversity
4. Revered teacher leads Tibetan Buddhist revival
5. TCHRD Condemns ban on the Fulan Gong sect by China

Thursday, July 29

1. Australian politician sneaks into Tibet
2. Brown Speaks Out for Jailed Tibetans
3. Rights Talks with China a Farce: Greens Senator
4. Senator angry at 'repression' of Tibet
5. Strong ties to Dalai Lama in Chinese-dominated 'Greater Tibet'

Friday, July 30

1. Chinese anger over Brown's visit to Tibet - ABC Radio (part I)
2. Senator Brown defends his stand on Tibet =96 ABC Radio (part II)
3. Rights talks a farce, says 'tourist' senator
4. Human Rights Group warns against Reprisals
5. Switching Geres

Saturday, July 30 (2)

1. Young nun to become Tibet's longest serving female political prisoner
2. Ngawang Sangdrol=92s prison sentence extended to 21 years
3. Movie Review: "Windhorse"

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