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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."
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WTN Archives: November, 2000

Wednesday, November 1

1. Miner digs in over gold project on Tibetan plateau (Australian)
2. Chinese Spokesman on Conditions for Talks with Dalai Lama (BBC Monitoring)
3. South Korean Government Said Positive Toward Dalai Lama Visit Next Year
4. In perilous pursuit of reality (CARAVAN - Tokyo Film Festival) (JT)
5. Tibetan hawkers granted permission for business (TOI)
6. Knowledge on China that needs airing (WT)

Thursday, November 2

1. Sovereign right vs. national interest [Editorial] (Korea Herald)
2. Tibetan official regrets ban on Dalai Lama visit (Korea Herald)
3. Earthquakes Strike Tibetan Lands (AP)
4. Talking shop -- Monk mauls hacks (BT)
5. The Test - Tibetan poetry (The Times)
6. Tibetan Government in Exile appreciates European Parliament support
7. MEDIA ALERT: Two Shahtoosh Traders to be sentenced in US Court (TPP)

Friday, November 3

1. Tibetan monk dies after Nepalese police shooting (TIN)
2. Concern over Tibetans in Nepal (BBC)
3. Tibetan Nomads Bankrolled by Australian Sheep Bank (Reuters)
4. Sheep account bankrolls Tibetan nomads (BBC)

Saturday, November 4

1. Fergie to help Tibetan refugees (AFP)
2. Karmapa asks India for refugee status (ET)
3. Venture gave powerful insight into China: OPINION (IT)
4. MGM Execs Plan China Trip to Evaluate the Market (LAT)
5. The Cup (Phorpa) - Bhutanese with subtitles (News24)

Monday, November 6

1. China and the Dalai Lama must negotiate (TT)
2. Thailand to host world Buddhism summit without Dalai Lama(AFP)
3. Statement by Ralph Nader on TIBET and CHINA

Tuesday, November 7

1. Nepal police arrest 17 Tibetans and then release them: report (AFP)
2. Nepal in a fix over influx from roof of the world
3. Profile of young Tibetan Environmentalist (SM)

Wednesday, November 8

1. UK presses China on Panchen Lama (BBC)
2. Britain says it pressed China over Panchen Lama (AFP)

Thursday, November 9

1. Bomb blast in Lhasa: no injuries, minor disruption (TIN)
2. Konkaling - One Man's Shangri-la (AG)
3. "Human rights activist earns endorsement" (FT)

Friday, November 10

1. Explosion hits Tibet's tense capital: report(AFP)
2. Dalai Lama-Appointed Panchen Lama in Good Condition: Beijing (CND)

Saturday, November 11

1. Say Cheese, in Tibetan: A shaggy yak story (UPI)
2. Chinese irredentism threatens Asia -- and may come back to haunt Beijing (JT)

Monday, November 13

1. HP efforts to revive silk route (TNS)
2. Association of Global New Thought embraces Interfaith Call for Freedom(VBPJ)
3. New Institute for Tibetan Studies (PD)

Tuesday, November 14

1. Press Statement of the CTA on the Shugden Problem (DIIR)
2. Showcasing Shangri-La (TH)

Wednesday, November 15

1. Swaran Singh extends support to Tibetans (TOI)
2. Asylum for the Karmapa

Thursday, November 16

1. Let the Dalai Lama in South Korea and the Tibetan leader (FEER)

Friday, November 17

1. Chinese Amb. to Korea insulted Dalai Lama (Koread Herald)
2. Young Tibetans at crossroads
3. Dalai Lama in Uttaranchal
4. Dalai Lama tickets to go on sale today
5. Tibet Official Stresses Ideological, Political Work against "Splittism"
6. Trunk Fibre-Optic Communication Cable Completed in Tibet
7. Can India and China ever be real friends?

Saturday, November 18

1. OPINION - Tibet reaches out to world
2. China Envoy Angers Koreans Again
3. Korean Buddhists press for Dalai Lama's visit
4. Advani cool to Karmapa's asylum plea
5. Chinese ambassador cancels visit to New York U. after learning of protest

Sunday, November 19

1. Rare Tibetan Buddhist Sculpture Consecrated as a Tool for Peace
2. Chretien Met by Persistent Tibet Supporters in Victoria
3. Seventy Percent of Officials in Tibet Are Tibetans: Survey
4. Free Tibet Ginger Ale Launched

Monday, November 20

1. Internet Links Ethnic Area in Yunnan with World
2. China Creates Powerful Media Network in Tibet
3. Tibet Official Stresses Ideological, Political Work against "Splittism"
4. Kulsalnagar school gets new bulding
5. No distractions

Tuesday, November 21

1. UN, China reach deal on rights
2. Tibetans Comb Gold from Goats'Hair

Wednesday, November 22

1. Tibetan Independence Activist Dead In Prison AFP)
2. 60 year-old prisoner dies in custody
3. South Korea Activists to Push for Dalai Lama's Right to Visit
4. Seoul Protesteds China Envoy's `Inappropriate' Remarks
5. UN, China sign human rights pact
6. Govt should clear stand on Karmapa issue: Bhatia

Thursday, November 23

1. A Mushrooming Economy (WP)
2. Mount Everest losing altitude due to global warming
3. Tourists Visit Tibet in Record Numbers
4. Tibetan Leader Meets Japanese Journalist
5. Yangtze Expected to Play Key Role in Developing Western Region

Friday, November 24

1. Horn player pulls in Dalai Lama festival
2. Tibet Publishes Preferential Policies to Attract Investment
3. Lama Paints on Computer

Saturday, November 25

1. The Alliance, NDP and Bloc Quebecois have picked up support from a world-famous source: the Dalai Lama
2. TIBET SUPPORT STRONG WITHIN ALLIANCE, BLOC AND NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTIES Questionnaire yields poor responses from Liberals - no reply from Tories
3. Tibetan Herdsman Switching From "Ghee" to Solar Energy for Light
4. Multi-media System Introduced to Tibetan Higher Education

Sunday, November 26

1. Former Tibetan Review Editor passes away - *News Flash*
2. Tibetan women seek justice
3. Tibetan women allege forced abortions
4. Tibetan women take out protest march
5. When you stifle dissent, you stifle democracy
6. Shameful use of students at Chretien rally
8. Business Letters
9. SECRET TIBET by Fosco Maraini

Monday, November 27

1. India has to overtake China to be global leader: defence minister
3. Earthquake Jolts Mountainous Area in Northwestern China
4. Lines and Shadows

Tuesday, November 28

1. TCHRD Releases new report on Racism
2. The Dalai Lama's Spin Doctor
3. The Dalai Lama
4. Real Tibet Under Sunshine --Foreign Friends' Trips to Tibet
5. Most dramatic railway in the world gets the green light
6. Student hopes journalism will help him tell story of Tibet

Wednesday, November 29

1. Human Rights Talks With China Failing, British Report Says
2. Put human rights before China trade, MPs urge
3. Letter to the Editor: Sliding towards anarchy
4. Foreigners Keen on Yak Cheese
5. Airport Re-opens on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Thursday, November 30

1. Four who posed as PLA men arrested in Tibet
2. Let the Dalai Lama become Governor in Tibet
3. The Dalai Lama - Letters to the Editor of Salon
4. Tsering Wangyal passes away
5. Lhasa Evening Online Launched
6. Tibet Promotes Science

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